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For every $1 donated, we will plant one Longleaf pine seedling in a Florida State Park. It’s that easy!


Plant a Pine is an easy way to help Florida State Parks get greener!

Trees play a key role in our environment, cleaning the air, filtering water, and providing needed habitat for hundreds of species of insects, and other animals and plants. Trees are an integral part of our ecosystems and they help reduce stress and allow us to connect with nature and provide a calming effect. Imagine a time when you walked through a park among towering trees…that’s why we started the Plant a Pine campaign.

Plant a Pine is focused on Longleaf Pine which are native to the Southeast and now cover an estimated 3% of their original habitat. They have long been prized for their commercial use in building houses, ships, and railroads and their resin is used for making turpentine. Mature longleaf ecosystems support more than 30 endangered and threatened species, including red-cockaded woodpeckers, gopher tortoises, and indigo snakes. Regular burning to restore their natural rhythms enables longleaf pine to become rich, stable ecosystems. Longleaf pines are fire-adapted and dependent on burning which stabilizes and enriches the soil.

Long Leaf Pine Membership

Special thanks goes to partner, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund for their generous $50,000 matching grant in support of this crucial program.

Groups interested in supporting hands-on tree planting projects through the Employees in State Parks program can contact Julia Gill Woodward, Chief Executive Officer. Tree planting projects are limited to specific parks, targeting restoration projects, and restricted planting seasons.

The Florida State Parks Foundation thanks valued supporter Steve Kowkabany for his generous $25,000 gift to the Plant a Pine initiative. Steve is donating native longleaf pines to our Florida State Parks in honor of The Discovery School and in memory of Michael Fred Kowkabany. Since Plant a Pine launched in 2020, Steve has contributed an amazing $40,000 toward longleaf pine restoration.


Donations to Plant a Pine may be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or in honor of another person who are recognized below. Thank you for caring about Florida State Parks and giving to our Plant a Pine campaign.

JUNE 2024

In Honor of David Roach, the best grampie I know

In Honor of John Koepke

In Honor of Danny Sellers

In Memory of Malcolm Wormser

In Memory of Alfred A. Fischer

In Memory of Robert Elwyn Kelley

In Honor of the many dads that came in to my life and have since passed on

In Honor of Russell and Mildred Burns

In Honor of Raymond Brothers, Caspert Duk(sr), Gerrit J Duk

In Memory of Luther Eugene Feagin

In Honor of Hank Bland

In Honor of Nick Norland

In Honor of Gary Galinos

In Honor of Darryl Beacher

In Honor of Darwin “Bud” Stiles

In Honor of my father I never got to meet

In Honor of Kevin Price

In Memory of Ronald C. Broomhall

In Honor of Juan Jose Hernandez

In Honor of Bob Fisher

In Honor of Juan Jose Hernandez

In Honor of Major Floyd Stevens

In Honor of Travis Knight

In Honor of William Rivera-Gerena

In Honor of Danny Fein

In Honor of Gabriel Escalona

In Honor of John Ness

In Honor of Victor Niemi

In Honor of Bob Banting – Happy Father’s Day

In Honor of Conor Fields

In Honor of Anthony Castronovo

In Honor of Michael Mangham

In Honor of Daniel Squilla

In Honor of Ray H. Holloway II

In Honor of Paul & Jagger Evans

In Honor of Bill Jurgens, a wonderful dad and grandfather

In Honor of Howard Hietala

In Memory of Lynn McLeod

In Honor of Kevin

In Honor of David Allen Reynolds

In Honor of Thomas Abrantes

In Honor of David Kenneth Barker

In Honor of Richard Boisvert

In Honor of Daniel W. Barker

In Memory of William Guy Roberts

In Honor of William Rivera

In Honor of Toby Biondi

In Honor of Leonel Tellado

In Honor of Charles Edward Chippie Howe

In Honor of Christopher T Wormwood best dad ever

In Honor of Craig Arnold

In Honor of James Wyche

In Honor of George Frisby-World’s Greatest Dad!

In Memory Of Eldon Dickinson

In Honor Of Norman Bush

In Memory Of Pedro (Pete) Rolon

In Memory of Milton D. Smith

In Honor of Mike Helm

In Honor of Juan Carlos Gutierrez

In Honor of Dickie Bonito

In Honor of Vincent Encomio

In Memory of Quinton and Jimmy N. Miller

In Honor of Tom

In Honor of Linton Thomas, Hugo Ruiz, Mark Kiese, Lascelles Gayle, Dwayne Gayle Sr

In Honor of T. Ross

In Memory of Robert Pickhardt

In Memory of Thomas Faulkenberry

In Memory of Frank “Wesley” Ditto, the 3rd

In Memory of Kurt Mintzlaff

In Memory of  Joshua & Isaac

In Honor of Aurora and Sadie’s Dad

In Honor of Patrick Carmichael

In Memory of Raymond Brown

In Memory of Gerry Goodreau

In Memory of Bob Yambasky

In Honor of Dennis Daake, MD

In Memory of Stephen Woodbrey

In Honor of James W. Ellis, Jr.

In Honor of James Mccrae

In Honor of Dan Klein

In Honor of David Sala

In Honor of Phillip H. Smith

In Honor of Jim Powers

In Honor of John Salter

In Honor of Harold Livingston Mendez

In Honor of Thomas William Higgins

In Honor of William Barrera

In Memory of Scott Adams

In Honor of Ron Fadell

In Memory of Robert Benner, Jr.

In Honor of Timothy Watson

In Honor of Ron Core

In Memory of Jose Ignacio Sandoval

In Memory of Carl Price

In Honor of Charlie White

In Honor of Michael Fore, my beloved stepfather who I call DAD

In Memory of William Frederick White

In Honor of JC Griffin

In Honor of Dennis J. Pinner

In Honor of Max and Jack and JV

In Honor of Eugene Bourguignon

In Memory of Steve Miecznikowski

In Honor of William M. Rosenthal, Jr.

In Memory of Jacob Tutterow

In Memory of Gylum “Papa” Snell – miss you forever, dad!

In Honor of Doug Demartino

In Memory of Len Hyatt

In Memory of Uncle Felly

In Memory of Mossimino Guido

In Memory of Reynold DAgaro

In Honor of Michael Robinson

In honor of Abba Yehuda Goldstein – Happy Father’s Day!

In Memory of Donald Berry

In Memory of Hugh F. LaPenotiere Sr.

In Honor of Matthew R. Willard

In Honor of Bob Goldberg

To Tim Setterlund, from Lucas and Sarah Setterlund

In Honor of Peter Borg – Dad

In Honor of Mitchell Edstrom

In Honor of Brian Leidig (Daddy)

In Honor of David R. Drumm

In Memory of John Vangor

In Honor of Ray Fountain

In Honor of Corby Sturges

In Honor of Mark E Johnson

In Memory of my son Pascal

In Honor of Erich Moss

In Memory of Bill & Lois Berge

In Honor of Robert Clark

In Honor of Jamie and Eugene White

In Honor of Raymond William Soal

In Honor of Duane Craig

In Memory of Duane Watts

In Honor of Joseph Hayek

In Honor of Richard D. Howell

In Memory of Richard E Hinsch

In Memory of Alfred A Haas

In Memory of Jessie Jackson

In Honor of Rischard S Hinsch

In Honor of Jimmy Max Ward

In Honor of Norman J. Casey

In Memory of John Balch

In Memory of Maxine Ward

In Memory of Helen Voss

In Honor of Wassil Tarsan

In Memory of Warren Luttrell

In Memory of Brian J. Russo

In Memory of Eston Hendry

In Memory of James Robert Benham Jr.

In Memory of Joseph Stanley Clark, Sr.

In Memory of Jackie Keele

In Honor of Rob Pearce

In Memory of William J. Dickison

In Honor of Robert Peter Martin

In Honor of Richard Gibson

In Memory of Roy V Dowdy

In Memory of John Spillane

In Honor of James Woods

In Honor of Daniel Robinson

In Honor of Richard Salzburg

In Honor of Daddykins Widdall

In Memory of Donald Sheffel

In Honor of Jeremy #1 Fur Dad

In Memory of Bevilacqua Family

In Honor of Frank Giovenco

In Honor of Ron Gale

In Honor of Adam Burse

In Honor of Jonathan Front Sr.

In Honor of Robert Hewitt

In Honor of Charles Sherman

In Memory of Herbert Rogers

In Honor of Nick Brownson

In Honor of Drew Fuhrman

In Honor of Ronald Gale

In Memory of Dwayne Mundy

In Memory of H. Wade Goodner

In Memory of Joseph A Hardwick

In Honor of Dan Looke

In Honor of Ben

In Honor of Raymond Mak

In Honor of Tom Looke

In Memory of Eddie Bo Pritchett (Paw Paw)

In Honor of Norman Derix

In Honor of Ron Gale – love Grace

In Honor of Tom Meloche

In Honor of Daniel Davis

In Honor of Terry, Tom, Mike, Michael & Ronnie

In Honor of Bryan Lear

In Honor of James Tate

Roger Karr

Matt (Daddy)

In Honor of Robert Schmidt – an awesome, totally cool dad!!

In Honor of Jules Snyder

MAY 2024

David “elJefe” Tola- Happy Anniversary-GS

In Memory of Roxanne Neese

In Honor of Melanie Hotard Waite

In Memory of Roxanne Neese

In Memory of Roxanne Neese

Rebecca Bishop

Blanche Halley

In honor of Batya Abramson Goldstein

Ruth Marie Francis James

Stayce L. Smith

Nancy Phillips Misita

Gina Guariniello

Regina Strauss Misita


Beverly Isabelle Murphy

In Memory of Carole Bazinet

Mireille Correa

Bonna Aven

Dixie Ann Hietala

Ada Oliver

In memory of Rose & Carl Tagariello

Mabel Hietala

Pauline Ross

Laura Hietala

Mavis Hursman

Lynn Wickberg

Leona VanMeter

Mildred A.Burns (Mom)

Joyce Eigelbach

Joyce Kalliokowski

Terri Nicholson and Ruby Nicholson

Dee Neemee!

Betty Jean Niemi

Barbara McAdam

Arlean Ridgway


Myrtle Miller

Ruth Eppsteiner

Louise Watts Kelley

Claire Snyder

Mary Bickel

Brenda Dyess


Carol —–happy MOM day and birthday!

Justine Moore Chance

Beverly Conway

Bonnie Faye Wetherington

My amazing mother, Jen McKinney

The best mother and Meme, Gretchen Bartlett

The family matriarch, Louise Victoria LaVena Doherty, aka our Nona

Michelle Horning

Mary Cooper

Sarah Stewart

Jane Horning

Jenny Rapley

Sally McGowan

Susan Rice

Linda Slater King

Wanda Wolfe

Sylvia Gore

Michelle Gore

Karen Thomas

Terri Wolfe

Sandy Hjorth

Leyla Haney

Christina Dominique Jonviere Vautrot

My Mother Debra Gibson & My Grandmother Dorothy Gough

Annie Russell

Hilda Tyson

Barbara MacKenzie

Nancy (Gramma)

Nancy Quast

Deanna Hobby and Priscilla Gregory

Carol Dodge

Palmine Perna Baumstark

Rose Serio Wills

Evelyn “Joyce” Lewis

Mary Paar

Shirley Wright

Christina Hartley






Shelley Ray

Andrea Cole

In memory of Jacque Anderson

Patricia Ann Sager Ryan

Hannah Peaks

Ramona Martinez (Monin)

In Memory of Melissa King

Happy Birthday Sharon

APRIL 2024

In Memory of Laura McCarron

In Memory of Laura “Moose” McCarron

In Memory of Laura McCarron

In Memory of Laura L. McCarron

In Honor of John Kovacevic

In Memory of Silas R. Wood, III

To my darling monkey. Maybe we will pitch our tent sometime under its shade.

Scott Dahn

Eric Levendusky

Capt. Richard H. Rodgers

Henrik & Kasper

Katie Snyder

Kimbert Family

Erin McGill

Dalton Thompson’s 21st Birthday!

Gary and Judy Horton; Red, Blanche, and Susi Williams

In memory of Daniel J. Gardner

Rose & Carl Tagariello

Hillary Ziolkovski

General William Wing Loring

Larry, Tricia, and Audriana Aylward

Ingerborg McDonald

Russell M. Burns

Rose & Joseph Bruno

Ashley, Thaylor, Aariyah, Jasper, Drew

Hockey Mike Stachowiak

Maria Isabel and Sofia Villadoniga


James Schauf. my dad

Gary Kirgis

Ava Mills

Steven Apte

Preston Kamila Coyne

Veronica Humphrey

Gary Thompson

Grandma Jeanne

Albert E Ensell III

Albert E Ensell IV

Albert E Ensell V

Lydia Blancher

Gerald Langford

Roger Able

Jennifer Block

Abigail Hunter


Tara Harmon


Colleen and Charles


Don and Lori Williams

Willie Nalley

Keira, Kevin, Kyle Cardo

In Memory of Frank & Jean Bataillon

Bailey Settle

Grandpa Miller

Camille and Gladiola Polivka

Mom and Dad

Glenda McIntosh & Gene Kwapnioski

Claudette Nash

Nina Knight



Arwen Ruvolo

Lily Ballard

Ally Ballard

Maddy Ballard

Lana Ruvolo

August Hamel

Hayes Hamel

Artemis Ruvolo

Eleanor Cockley

Grif Ruvolo

Skylar Savage Saliman

Helen Lewandowski

In Memory of our beloved son Rolandito R.

Roger Christensen

Kathy Briand

Anastasia Carmichael

The Robishaw Family

William Robinson

Alan Luebs

Happy Birthday Andrew!

In Memory of William Riccard Sr

In Memory of Nick & Doris Weber

In Memory of Jason Cogdill

MARCH 2024

In Honor of Miss Jane’s Favorite Renee

In Memory of Hudson David White

In Memory of James Edward Bruce

In Memory of Mr. Robert Glass

Andrew Thompson


Daniel Frank


Nicholas Smith

Rose & Carl Tagariello

Leanne Davis

Joanne Mulloy

Emilia Marks

Violeta (Mom), Raul L. (Dad), & Raul (brother) Sarduy. Always in my heart. Love you.

Pickle Heasley


Jim Mathon


Jim Barron & Jacob Harbison

Vogel Family

Doris Wood

Dennis Anastario

Ada Long

James Edward Bruce

C. M. Roberts

Lupe Angulo, Motts, Ben, & Maggie Mae

Becky Mackert


Rabbi Barry Silver

Kimbert Family

Grace Gale & Lily Burse

Stefan Daria Zofia O’Leary

Daniel Main

Sabrina, Olivia, Amelia

Harris Boy Pine

Melissa B Cox

The San Padrigos

Michael Augustine

All Fl Rangers and Volunteers

Pat Hearon

Espidol Family

Rachel Oliver

Sheila, Mom and Dad

25 trees for Steph and Jeff’s 25th wedding anniversary

Michael Deutsch


In Memory of Carie E. Shealy

In Honor of Jay, Penny & Roman Holladay

Rebecca Allen

In Honor of E.A.

In Honor of Diane The Girl Scout Denemark

In Honor of George Apthorp

In Memory of Davey Gnann Volkhardt

Tonya Jackson

Tom and Jacqui LaPorta

June Doll

Audriana Aylward

Jolene Yaksich

Trisha Lane

Rose & Carl Tagariello

Malcolm wormser

Great A&P Valentine’s Day Bake Off

Sharon Snyder

Mark Glenn Thompson

Dr. Joe A. Edmisten

Scott Kaufman

Matt Knutson

Jordan James Hauser

THANK YOU for planting pines!!!

My Husband John Burton Jr


G.J. Cosgrove

Mendez Mafia

Amanda Bobe

Ed & Sandi Cleary

Matthew Hess

Joseph Brown

Megan McEnery

Gil Leacock

Rose McCormick

Anita K. West

James Goff

Amelia Elliott

Handsome Ryan

To my girlfriend Melanie!


David Jackson

Hannah Peaks

Dwarakesh Ravichandran

Terri Dolan

Lori Carden

Patrick Hazard

LaVerne Love Saar

Dorothy Pryor

Sheila Goloborotko

My love…Bruce

Rosalee Pfister [aka Pretty-O]


Bill Rowe

M.A.C. my B


Matthew Howe



Scott Dahn

Bonita Hamilton

Rollin Wood Raymond

Michael T. White

John Stackhouse


Please plant these in honor of our family and friends, in a nice spot where we can all hang out together 🙂 TY kindly!

Susan Buchanan

Elaine Rothenbach

Luke Yonge

Alan Rauzin


Claire and Benny MacFayden

Dr. Rita I. (Rene) Herron

Haley Thornton
Thomas, Olivia, Edith, Patrick & Bradley

Julianny Gomez

Wesson and Peyton Williams

Anthony ??

Daniel Bryan


Chris Groce

Brian Williams

Adrianne Lamont

Heather & Nick

Emily Brown

Lucie Vliegen-Lotens

Nancy Coldwell

Samantha and Genevieve

My valentine ,karen

Jill Ridley Mertens

Noemi M.

Jeanette Wilson

Patty Santayana Perdomo

Roy & Carol Garner

David Salter

Chrisy Carlton

Kristen, Isobel, Oliver

Kinsey Skylar Becca Wyatt

Brian Sanchez

Jacobo F. Corujo

Chelsea Timmons


Rebecca Allen

Charles Murphy

Kiersten Atkinson

Craig R Taylor

My mom Linda r.I.p.

Alex robishaw

Jenna robishaw

Curtis Holton

Rob Dworkin




The Zedaker Family

Steve Balsamo

Bryan Winston

Stacey Parker

Pat Geisler

Denise Bissonnette


David V Tola

Tia Connie

Serena A. Waddicor

Azalea Bergeron

Zachary Lammie

Kim Workman

Beverly Beckham Julie Conklin

Carrie Nelson

John and Ruth Bickel


Kevin Blackburn

Philip Buda

Dolores Ann Ryan

Kennedy Hewitt

Jack Bond

Angela Lyons

Emily Lapham

The Verticchio’s

Jen & Dan


Garren Mezza

Thomas Conely Sr.

Ken McKillip

Bianca Jensen

The Lewis Family

Kaylen Rush

Debbie Rotman

Joanne E Wilson

Debra Lineberger

Rick Dowsett

Robert Stanton

Justice Diamond

Nataly Epps

Lin Tyler

Tara Lynn Durdaller Guear

Jay Lentz

Jay, Penny & Roman

David H. Van Vleet, Jr.

Gloria Capdevilla

Pablo C. Pando

Logan Capdevilla

Katie Nutwell

Dimitrios Kiousis

Sandra Kiousis

Paola Cardenas

JP, Ace, Mama, Nana & Grandpa


Thomas Feeney

My love and 3 children. The Lees

Douglas M Wilcox

Kathy Crawford

Terry Westphal

Leilani Rodriguez



Madison Laren


Cici Buda

Mike and Tiffany Taylor


In Memory of Reverend Scott

In Memory of Robert Elwyn Kelley

In Memory of the many trees that have fallen at the hands of developers in Manatee County

In Memory of Brian F. Leary

In Honor of Kate Kyle

In Honor of Dean Keith Rutherford


In Memory of Dennis Wallace

In Memory of Henry Nelson Mowry

In Memory of John Wesley Gaskins

In Memory of Max Holloway

In Honor of Nathan Michael Fuhrman

In Honor of The Pandos Family

In Honor of Ronan Elvers Mickey

In Honor of Ryan Christopher Brooks

In Honor of Jacob Taylor

In Memory of Dottie

In Honor of Dan Miller

In Memory of Ben Schnieder

In Honor of Aaron McEntire

In Memory of Pauline Williams

In Honor of Florida Honorees

In Honor of Candy and Ralph Segar

In Honor of Peggy Dolan

In Memory of Angus Albert

In Honor of Jennifer

In Memory of Anatoly Surkov

In Memory of Lawrence and Marie O’Neal

In Honor of Rich and Nicole Snell

In Memory of Robbie Newhouse

In Memory of Nick Barchie

In Honor of Friends and Family with Cancer

In Honor of Graceyn A. Harrison

In Memory of Georgia and Jim Butler

In Honor of Colonel, Liz and Harry Hewson

In Honor of Emri Lear

In Honor of Jeremy, Rachael and Barrett Johnson

In Honor of Camryn Wilson


In Honor of 3rd grade Ada Merritt 2023

In Honor of Situ Fadool

In Memory of Abbey Lokken

In Honor of Mark Kean

In Memory of Rose & Carl

In Honor of Andrea Lazzara

In Honor of John Hibbard

In Honor of Adelaide Jasica

In Memory of Fynnian Lalime

In Honor of Tobias Kean

In Honor of Jeff Weber

In Memory of Kitten and Napol

In Memory of Wil Causseaux

In Honor of Sydni Lear

In Honor of Robert Thompson

In Honor of Janette & Joe Wright

In Honor of Charles Bruce Giblon

In Memory of Bertha Eller

In Honor of Paityn Wilson

In Memory of Louis Santillana, Jr.

In Honor of Richard & Vanessa Crisler

In Honor of Henry Stover

In Honor of Laurie I. Mullins

In Honor of City of Treasure Island

In Honor of Stephen Michelini

In Memory of Richard Dana Opp III

In Memory of Jim and Alice Harrison

In Honor of Adelaide Kean

In Memory of Mrs. Miyashita

In Honor of Don and Laura Bizzell

In Honor of Cynthia M. Burrows

In Honor of John and Mary Lou Kilcollins

In Honor of Marlene Brink

In Memory of Gracie

In Memory of Dalton Frame

In Memory of Suzi Butler Risher

In Honor of Barbara Mervine

In Memory of Aaron Benjamin Bradley

In Memory of Marci Hoak

In Memory of Cooper M Wright

In Honor of Frederick Malphurs

In Honor of Andee and Jimbo Harrison

In Honor of Ms. Karen

In Memory of Milton Smith

In Honor of Joshua Staeleans

In Honor of Tim Kissida

In Honor of Jay Bippen

In Memory of Brent Ashton Young

In Memory of Paul Raymond Park

In Honor of Dan Rutkowski

In Honor of Linda Joyce Shepard

In Memory of Teddy Mulligan

In Honor of Sir Howie Brown

In Memory of Jim Wilkerson

In Honor of Jim McCannell

In Honor of Nancy Royall

In Memory of my husband

In Memory of Roberta Avery and Lindsey Jo Haile

In Memory of Herbert N Wyatt (Pa)

In Honor of C. Farmer…

In Honor of June & Rosie

In Honor of Kathleen Meyer

In Honor of Germain Genest

In Memory of Marion Julson

In Honor of Melissa Wells and the Serene Sea Turtles

In Honor of Ciara Collins and The Willing Whales

In Honor of Jo Forsyth

In Honor of Tom Wilfong

In Honor of Rosemary Slack

In Memory of Eric Fulton

In Honor of Jeremy Grider

In Honor of Captain CJ

In Memory of Jeremy Beasley Gregory

In Honor of Bolbus

In Honor of Carol Thompson

In Memory of Betty Reams

In Memory of Thomas Bruton, Matt Bruton, Dana Bruton

In Honor of Esther & Greg Motley

In Honor of Victor Marquis

In Honor of August Lee Kokus

In Honor of HL Williams

In Memory of My brother Fred Koehl

In Honor of The Germains

In Honor of Mark and Maggie Gasdick

In Honor of Maurice and Joan Glazer

In Memory of Tokiko Aoyama Aldrich

In Honor of Jim & Anita Brand

In Honor of Kahle Lockhart

In Memory of Frank Mucha

In Honor of Joseph Croteau

In Honor of Diann Harper

In Honor of Betty Ferguson

In Honor of Adelyn Castonguay

In Memory of Jacob Harbison

In Honor of Harlow Logsdon

In Honor of Albert Smith

In Honor of Margaret Woolington

In Honor of Britney Woolington

In Honor of Cathy Gillen

In Honor of Mark Woolington

In Honor of Karissa Russell

In Honor of Kathryn Homan

In Honor of Mark Woolington

In Honor of Alex Woolington

In Honor of Jim and Teresa Woolington

In Memory of John Woolington

In Honor of Ryan Scofield

In Memory of Albert Tippy Ensell

In Memory of All our parents who inspired us at a young age to cherish the outdoors

In Honor of Bridger Prevost

In Honor of Astrid Schein

In Honor of Lynn Magoulis

In Honor of Thomas Abrantes

In Honor of John & Terry Harrington

In Honor of Dr. Douglas K. Scales

In Honor of Will and Erin Clifford

In Honor of Mark Malvin

In Honor of Zuzanna Pyrek

In Memory of Franciszek Pyrek

In Honor of Justin & Ashlea

In Honor of Teri Scott

In Honor of Ryan O’ Rourke

In Honor of Brittany Shirley

In Honor of Paula O’Rourke & Troy Thomas

In Honor of Joe & Bev Catarelli

In Honor of Kher Bai

In Honor of Gabe Smith III

In Honor of Benny McDowell

In Honor of Elspeth

In Honor of Michael Kyle

In Honor of Shannon Hall

In Honor of Dr. Lisa Conti

In Memory of Bill Reeve

In Honor of Lois Neece

In Honor of Jeanne Holeman

In Memory of Shelli Anderson

In Honor of Sharon Lux

In Honor of David

In Memory of Elwood Burton

In Honor of Maur Kokus and the Kitties

In Memory of Tanglewood Molly O’Flynn

In Honor of Lee Constantine

In Honor of Eric Fulton

In Honor of Judy McLaughlin

In Memory of David Jeffries

In Honor of The Firefly Adventure Club

In Honor of Joey Hollis

In Memory of James Weitze

In Honor of Kara and Jeff Gann

In Honor of Laura and Alfredo Moreno

In Honor of Tyson & Sarah Dallas

In Honor of Mike McManus & Annette Weglinski

In Honor of Riley Chan

In Honor of Tyna and Dale Boyer

In Memory of Betty Grueneberg

In Honor of My Family

In Honor of Erik Egensteiner

In Memory of LaRail Wilson

In Memory of Dennis Anastario

In Memory of Valerie McKinzie Brown

In Honor of William J. McKinzie


In Memory of Michael Mellott

In Memory of Betty Solomon Cohen by The Sarah Belle Gardening Club

In Honor of Michael Mellott

In Memory of Connie Marie Sweetland

In Honor of Lisa, Ed & Merry Burnett

In Honor of John & Emma Brandow

In Honor of Yvonne & Leo Charboneau

In Honor of Zoe Powell Mainhart

In Memory of Jake Louizos

In Memory of Emma-Rose Quincy Scott

In Honor of David & Katherine Hallum

In Honor of Melvina and Reggie Biggs

In Memory of Mike Prescott

In Honor of Jerry Cutler

In Memory of Harrison Boonstoppel

In Memory of Nana

In Memory of Berryman T. Longino Jr.

In Memory of Mikhailovich

In Honor of Capt. Richard H. Rodgers

In Honor of Robert & Mabel Hewitt

In Memory of Evelyn and Bubba West

In Honor of Tim Chastain

In Memory of Waffle

In Memory of My Mom – Norma Ehrhardt

In Honor of Carmen de la Garza

In Honor of Shelley Luther

In Memory of Joan Coscia

In Honor of Charles L. Payne

In Honor of Vladimir

In Memory of Quinton, Myrtle and Jimmy Miller

In Memory of Jacqueline Ascenzi Ruvolo

In Honor of Our Grandchildren: Ellis, Jane, Emma and Leila Howell; Henry and John Tanner

In Memory of Mark Bellotte

In Memory of Alvin & Marguerite Thompson; Randy & Pat Harrison; Ted & Mary Reinholtz; Dave Thompson; Ted R Jr.

In Honor of Emilia Marks

In Memory of Leomar Maschi

In Honor of Hamburger and Betty Ballard

In Honor of Ripley and Ondine Powell

In Honor of Lucy Schoennagel

In Memory of Jim Gorab

In Honor of Brooke Colleen Anderson

In Honor of Lamar Crews

In Memory of Diane Baulsir

In Honor of Tammy Vitte

In Honor of Marianna Tutwiler

In Honor of American Metal Products, Inc.

In Honor of The Tomey Family

In Memory of Gerry Goodreau

In Memory of Axel

In Honor of Palm Beach Pack & Paddle Club

In Honor of Headburg Wood Crafts

In Honor of My darling love and fiancé, Nathan

In Honor of Henry Hamel

In Memory of Kathleen Reynolds

In Memory of Arthur Roberts Jr.

In Honor of Reggie and Joanne Baker

In Honor of The Breckenridges

In Memory of Casey Nemes

In Memory of Robert Hollinger

In Memory of John T. Derry III

In Memory of John T. Derry Sr.

In Memory of David Parks

In Memory of Neena

In Memory of Jeanne Holeman

In Memory of Carl Stump

In Memory of Gregory A. Schmidt

In Honor of Wendy Hartman

In Memory of Robert William Ameiorsano

In Memory of Daisy

In Memory of Ivan, Nina, Anita, David, & Suzanne

In Memory of Harold Gaudet

In Memory of Christian Kantainis

In Memory of My Dad Harvey Nastrom

In Memory of James W. Rose

In Memory of Martha Elrod (Nana)


In Memory of Marsha Starkey

In Memory of Lee van Gaalen

In Memory of Chuck and Miriam White

In Honor of Steven Gildar

In Memory of Connie Sweetland


In Memory of Don Wood


In Memory of James Estrada

Happy Birthday Alex Ehrecke!

In Honor of Terry Lacy, Vietnam Veteran

In Honor of Julian Berkowitz Sklar

In Memory of Antonino Caluori

In Honor of Juan Carlos Gutierrez

In Memory of Ann Amer Brennan

In Memory of Oscar Viega

JULY 2023

In Honor of David Guitar

In Honor of Angela & Ronan Mickey

In Honor of Hannah & Xaila

In Memory of Josh Warren Nicola

In Memory of Hector Ceballos

In Honor of Violet Lee Porta

In Memory of Pete Armstrong

In Memory of Betty O’Brien

In Honor of Luna Aguilar, Claire Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Timberlan Shelton

In Memory of Kenneth E. Stevens

In Honor of Jenny Green

In Memory of Danny/Chad Grimsley

In Memory of Rachel Duckworth

In Memory of Ted and Deloris Margolin

In Memory of Harold & Eva Conklin

In Memory of Bruce Scarola

In Memory of Robert S. Lewis

In Honor of HL Williams

In Memory of Buddy Fey

In Memory of Raymond Fey

In Memory of Karen Westerberg

In Memory of Antoinette DiRosa

In Honor of Frank McNeely

In Honor of Joanna Wiggins

In Honor of Kris Cox

In Memory of Peggy Hooper

In Memory of Cecil (Buck) Anglin

In Memory of Ed Coyne

In Memory of Rafael Tomas Utrera

In Honor of Hunter Hayes

In Memory of Jack Porter Bennett, Jr.

In Honor of Michael Hayes

In Memory of Nick Haynes

In Memory of Harry & Rosalie Goldstein

In Memory of Melissa McCorkle

In Honor of Lloyd Smith

In Memory of Reverend John H. Sinclair

In Honor of Pat Ostergaard

In Honor of Adam Woodring

In Memory of Margaret Froggatt

In Memory of James Quillinan

In Memory of Senator Tom McPherson

In Honor of Dawn Borden

In Memory of Robert Erik Horter

In Memory of Late Shri Babu Ram and Smt. Kamlesh Devi

In Memory of Marietta Pedersen

In Honor of Scott Adams

In Honor of John Edward Savage

In Memory of George, Pat, and Paul Orr

In Memory of John Robert Smith

In Honor of Joseph J. Kaplo

In Memory of Christine Griffin

In Honor of William Burford

In Memory of my beautiful mother, Sharon Calkins

In Honor of David Jones

In Memory of Brad Baylor

In Memory of Gabriel Donado

In Memory of David Kortman, Sr.

JUNE 2023

In Honor of Jim McCannell

MAY 2023

In Memory of David R. Fordham

In Memory of Robert Beagles

In Memory of Neville Agard

In Memory of Steve Henrichon

In Honor of Liz Sandburg

In Memory of Everett Cseplo-Ward

In Honor of Bev Kemp

APRIL 2023

Aiden Piper
Alexandria Piper
In memory of Pamela Ray

MARCH 2023

Our grandson, Hudson David White
Rehannah Mariam Mustapha


Zak Strezo

Paul LeRoy Anderson

Elsa Rebello

Meg Critcher


Rahim-Miranda Family

Tim Wilcox

In memory of Al Levine of Cleveland & Boca Raton, FL


Leslie “Les” Daniel

Lee Haywood Canglin

Beverly Rogacki

Vance Griffith Layton


Jimmy Simon

Ralph Yallaly

Russell B. Sprout – the best boy bark ranger

Luther Feagin

Maria Mulberry

In Memory of Dr. Robert Mautz

The Pastors & Staff at Memorial United Methodist Church (Fernandina Beach)

Taylor Masnjak

Ellis Howell, Jane Howell, Emma Howell, Leila Howell, Henry Tanner and John Tanner

John Michael Mehok


Strategic Marketing LLC

Angelo Micalizzi

Drew and Beth Fuhrman

Brandon Stillman

Xaila Raen Atkin and Hannah J. Casciano

Kimberly Humphrey

Lisa Parks

Mary Smith and David Mooneyham

Jeremy Fisher

Gerry Goodreau


Justin Wilhelm

Olivia and Joseph

Helen Walker Bentley

Gary Savelle

Lee Imbrogno

Michael Brownson

Thomas Cuozzo

Gene Thomas

Dorothy Caroline Largey

Jennifer Cook

Jerry Lee

Cooper Levey-Baker

MaryAnn Hindery Carter

Carolynn Imes

Rhoda Marcia Nelson

Michael A. Corr Jr.

Gulsum Sumbul

Rita and Don Ralls, Tim Ralls, Marybeth Ralls, Jon Ralls, Gloria and Frank Meyer

Joe McCauley

Martin L. McLeod

Cassy and Tony Rametta


Joan Norton

E. L. Strickland


Happy Birthday Deen!

Lee van Gaalen

Pauline Harding

Mathew Peter Gripe

Dalton, Emerich, Malaika & Gavin

Isidra & Felix

Jean and Euna Milligan

Christopher Wilson

Lillian Hurst

Nancy Royall

Uncle George Devlin

Buck, Peggy and James Morris

Carl Welch

Capt. James Ormond Chapter, NSDAR


Leonard “Lee” van Gaalen

In Loving Memory of Alex Ehrecke


My granddaughter, Zelda

Shelley Luther

Happy Birthday Carol!

Richard H Rodgers


Brian Whaley

Don Zalesky

Patricia Dene Haley-Alvord

Charles Patty

Robert E. McAllaster

Emma Fox

One Nail Rip

Mary Melgaard

Bernice Reif Shapiro

Belinda Green

Paul Raymond Jones

Matthew Morrison

Mary Caldwell

Larry Child

JULY 2022

Gilbert J Leacock

Joseph Mudano Sr.

Luke Winter Green


Nicky Jerden

Lisa Horvath

Mike Julio

Scott Galin

Stephen Woelfel

Debbee Kelly

Elaina Renee LaGrotta

Ada Oliver

Isadore and Jacquelyn Bernstein and Marietta and Jack LInton

Beth Kipnis, Blanche

Jean Sterling Kucera

JUNE 2022

Honoring Tibor Deak

Jadyn Mark

Franklin Rose

Howard Mandresh

Richard Hofferbert

John Morse

John Buchholz

Eugene Kane

Cecil Ule Bradley

Jimmie Bartley

Osvaldo Padron

Denver Brown Anderson

Herchel l Rideout Sr

Bob Rasey

Richard Read

Arthur Mageau & Paul Gauvin

Charles Dennis

Patrick Mark

Irvan G Roberts

Andrew DalNogare

Cole Tracy

Victor Marquis

Micheal Elvin Jones

Jimmy C Fischer

Kerry Shugart

Donald L Barnes Sr

Jacob Sprague

The Fathers in my life

Alan J. Swindall

Alfonso Morí

Doug Demartino

Chip Everton

Jim McCannell

Josh Stewart

Sherman Glenn DeHart

Jesse Ross Sr

Kenneth Wayne Dinkins


Travis Smith Sr.

Clyde Kline

Arthur G. Roberts Jr.

Stephen Williams and Sonny Hunt

Patrick Finn Shulz

Tiger Kidder

Kenneth Whitfield

Ed Burnett

Joe Marek

Russell Richardson

Bert D Lobdell

Don Freeman – Happy Father’s Day!

Brad Thomas


Don Mason

Jeff McKinney

Larry “Poppy” Meeks

Francis Skilling

Scott Thomas Farris

Stephen Michelini

Issam Zahi

Hilman Holifield

Hilman Holifield

Michael “Popeye” Azif

Jon Wyatt

Chris Larkin

John Hutchins

Brett [Tony] Ames

Joel Black

Garcia parents

Thomas Robert Newman

Bill Woinski, Frank Politano

Reynold DAgaro

Arthur Schultz

Raymond Knudsen

Robert Seibel

Ira M Stone

Rob Stevens

Nick Brownson

Frank Loughrey

Jerry Hugh Futrell

Kelly Veley

Jerry Bennett

Jay Neumark

Jonathan Front

David Pope

All Ortega fathers

Philip Shaffer

Garland McAlister

Frank Weston

Charles L. Woodall, Sr.

Frank Howard Weston

Leon Lawrence

Alyce Lawrence

MAY 2022

Lyle Clay Steffe

In Honor of My granddaughter, Zelda

In Honor of Maura Swisher

In Honor of MaryLou Lundin and Mimi Elmore

Trudie Green

In Memory of Mary Ruth McKinney

Judy Nicola – Mom extraordinaire

Ruth Werden

Lisa Ann Miller

Kristen and Stephanie

For Mom

My Mama

Linda Thompson

My Mother in law Maria Vitale

Lisa and Eleanor Pereira

Jennifer McKinney

Ethel J. Potter

Juanita C. Potter

Charles Kissell

In Memory of Jeri Waalewyn

In Memory of José Ledezma

Louise Schroeck

In Honor of Jill McKinney

Sheila Burow

Jackie Jarosak

Mary Weiler

Mindy Hedges

Judianne Hosley

Cassandra Andrews

Barb, Paula, Sharon

George E. Driver

Evan McVey

Ada Oliver

Grace LaGrassa

My daughter

Dorothy Sauer

George H and Beulah M

My Loving Wife, Mary Blanchard

Julie Regier

Emelyn Kimball

Kathy Beck

Mildred Dannic

Senior Chief Hector Rodrrigiez

Marta Bautista

Marla Rowan

Brian Laundrie

Valerie Kaemmerlen

Sue Messmore

Donna Meyers Ross

Beth and Drew Fuhrman

Kathy Clore

Dr. Linda S. Nelson, MSN, DNP

Mary Jane DeShong


Lillian and Maurits Olson

APRIL 2022

Barbara Austria White

Brian Archer

Carl Hill


Elizabeth Holland

Ellen Mowbray’s April 15 Birthday

Fernando & Miriam Rodriguez

Franklin Phillips Jr.

Fredrick Schurch

Gordon Millard

Jimmie J. McKeral, Sr.

Joey, Cora, & Parker Pratt

John Pocock

John William Schwab

In Memory of Pac Cole

Ronnie Milam

In Memory of M m i

In Honor of Steven

Pellegrino Tancredi

Cheryl Kenney – Happy Birthday

Marcel Trottier

Scott Rome

June B Austell

Marty Mcclean-wolfson

Debbie Geer

Joe Gissy

In Memory of Abanob Besanty

In Honor of Headberg Wood Crafts

Lee Smith

Stewart Holbrook

Cory Michael McGee

Joyce Templin Sullivan

Nicholas John 4-22-22 birthday

Darlene Dorita Wingate Smith

Lucy Sahr

My QCB, Nancy Trumbull

Tracey-Ann Latoya Marr

Leanne Davis

Terri Morris

Eli Copeland

Mike Stewart


Joan Johnson

Ryan and Carolina

Dr. Bernard Soto

Rosario Alvarez- Abuela

In Honor of my wonderful husband Steve

Sara Eikman, daughter – born on earth day

Patricia Leave

Josefina Arredondo

Joyce & Gil Leacock

Kathryn Mullins

Larry Shefts

Logan & Logan

Margaret Froggatt

In Memory of my beloved Mom,

Maria Krakowska of Wisla, Poland

Mary Caldwell

Mary Ruth Kimbrel

Matilda Mary Grace Vath

Merna Carol Cooper

Michael and Denise Spear

Milo D. Hill

In Memory of Mom & Dad

In Honor of Josh & Kellie Bonnell – Happy Wedding Day 04.22.2022

In Memory of Paula Davis

In Memory of Kay Saghir

Aaron Rudy

Patti-Jean Hinckley

Owen Johnson

Patricia Avery

Remy Ross

Stephen Richard John Roach


In Honor of the Seagrove VanderSiks

In Memory of Dad (Daniel Willis) – Teaching us to love the outdoors. ❤️ ❤️

Donna Shortal

Beth Brownson

Quinten Mell

Blessed birth of Cyrus Roland Sebti. 4-2-22

Johnny R. Quick

Bill and Carole Julson

Ida Wysocki Reimer

Clarence Smuder

John W Schwab

Orlando Sanchez

Joseph M. Young

Bonnie L Huse

Maryann & George Sinclair

Jenna Goldman & Matt Colbert

Lauren and Beth

Elinor M Butz

Joe Bastian “Uncle Joe”

In Memory of Jimmy D. Purvis

Joey, Cora, and Parker Pratt

Deborah Finney Smith

Nancy Nicholl

Narciso Ramirez

In Memory of Norman Gagnon

Owen Brownson

Richard H. Rodgers

Rita Nelson

Rose Poor

Ryan and Carolina

Ryan Miller

Ryan Prince

In Memory of Sandra J. Eastman

Shari Wallack

Stephen Pacelli

In Honor of Sue

My granddaughter, Zelda

Lily Benstead

In Memory of Adrian Espina

In Memory of Georgia Philipson Hough

Nikki Richards

Holden & Hudson

Happy Birthday, Timmothy!

Rita Hughes

Marietta May Steward

Clarence G MacFadden Jr.


Anthony G Lipari

Charlie Lutes

Two volunteer pines in our garden

In Honor of American Metal Products

In Memory of Daniel Willis 1985-2018 – His dedication and passion for his children and the environment!

Dr. George M. Wilcoxon, MD

Daniel & Terina Del Castillo

Guillermo Leon Del Castillo

Steven Sanchez Del Castillo

Jose Mauricio Mejia Del Castillo

Stephanie Price

Richard E. Mauney, Sr.

Joy Annette Sullivan

Jane Perkins Hossack

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Meyers

Zoe Ella

Adam Robert Hoyt

Yony Barrientos Gómez

Lissette Martinez

Walter Richard Brett

Kelley Smith Organek

Becky May

In Memory of Steven Smith Hall

Donna Baker

John D Grimes

Charles Proctor

In Honor of Palencia Elementary School- Be The Change Campaign

Deborah Kelly


MARCH 2022

In Memory of Alexandra Rhys Weingard

In Memory of Bootsie Clarkson, my soul sister

In Memory of F Wayne Lynch

Hudson David White

In Memory of My Dad, Michael Andrew Panetti

In Memory of Roxanne Deknatel

Stephen Updegraff

In Memory of Orva June Giese

In Memory of Paulette “Judy” Stapleton

In Memory of Timothy Paul Poulton

My granddaughter, Zelda


A Healthy Planet

Angel DeMarino

Ann Miller

Anne Lee Haizlip

Annette Phillips

Anthony Falbo, in honor of our 33rd Anniversary

Aubrey Smith

Austin Moore


Bear Bait, the best trail girlfriend ever

Ben and Chad Whitlock

Bill Brown

Birthday girl, Beth W!

Bodhi Fair

Bonnie Lang

Breanna Moore

Brenda Holmes

The Bushnells
Caroline Eliot


Cecil, Becky, Jenny, Tommy, Marjorie, & Tom

Chantel Sease

Charlee and Hope Wright

Charlie Crump

My love, Chelsea Carnes

Colin Knight

Collan Dimitri

Craig Littauer

Dalton Thompson

Dan Webster

Dave Murray Brockie

Happy Valentine’s Day, Deeta and Kenzie

Dora Coleman

Doug Phillips

Douglas Boerner

Dustin Day

E.G. Valentine family

Edward Bender 3

Elizabeth Haizlip

Emily Brown

Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma and Katie

Eric M.


Euan Edwards

The Ferrer Family

Fitzgerald Gentele

Frances Quick

Frank Fiordalisi

Gary Edwin Meredith

Gary Wasserman

George Turner Brown

Glen and Jane Fuchs

Haile & Lizzie – Happy Belated Galantine’s Day!!

Haley Chan

Happy Amein, from your husband who loves you

Harry J. Benesh

Healing Mother Earth

Heather Smyth

Howard McKinney

Hunter Thompson

Ian Smith

Isabel C. Mederos-Rodriguez

Jalynn Scheer


Jamie, I wish you were here

Jennifer A Schneider


John Page

John Pemberton

John Wesley Haizlip
he Jones, Gibson, and Cauthen Families

Joseph M. Lepak

Kathleen Reynolds

Kathryn Barber

Karen Sykes

My husband, Kenneth Bragg

Kenneth Browning

Lee Ervin

Leslie Ceballos


Lily, Lochlan, and Leyton Schwab

Lindsay Selmer

In Loving Memory of Lucy Shadow Hibbard

Maggie Elizabeth

Margaret Froggatt

Marieanne Luber

Marilyn Matasick


Matthew Pengra


Nancy Osborne

Nick Offerman

Norris D. Schleeter

Ollie Dog

Padraig Mcdermott

For our love, Patty & Alex

Phoebe Cristina Sacco


In Memory of Richard Mintken

Robert Smith

Ronald “Dad” Peebles

Rose & Joe Bruno

Ruble and Krissy Taylor

Rusty Hevelin

Ryan Martin

Sandy Webster

Shannon Truax

Sharon Smith

Skip Holmes

Stacie Brown

Susannah Crump

Susanne Ravn

Tara, Lily, Nina, and Lucas

Taylor & Tanner

Thomas Stanley Touchton

Tim Stevens

To my husband, kids, and dad. Happy Valentine’s Day <3

To Tatiana, with love

Yvonne and Leo Charboneau

W. Blake Thompson

Wanda Long

William Crump

Wynn Teasley

My Granddaughter, Zelda


Alan and Rachel Schwartz

Alex Babb

Alexander and Melody Massey

Andy Chema

Att & Jeanette Holloway

Audrey Radford Herrin

From her 7 daughters for her birthday

In Memory of Benito

Blake Fannin

In Memory of Brian Lee Daley

In Memory of my first cousin, Bruce Nesbitt

Cypress Camp

David Gordon

Debbie Howard

Dee Dee Cousins

Diana Stanaland

In Memory of Dietrich H. Twiefel, Jr.

Eddie & Cindy Schneider

Our Amazing Dad and Papa, Frank Loughrey


The Futrell Boys

Geoff Ahrens

Harold W. Hishon

In Memory of Harriet Merrick

Helen Bentley

Helen Downing

Helping Nature

Jack G.

Jane Maybray (Mom)

Janet Merrick and Gary Hillesland

In Memory of Janet M. Davison

Janice Romanish

Jason Edwards

Jerome Case

Jim Dincalci

Jon and Lesley Ludlam

Josh Warren Nicola

Judy DaFoulas’ Birthday

June B

Larry Gutter Bday & Tu B’Shevat

In Loving Memory of Laverne Butler Russell

Lee Smith

Love of my life…Peter

Madonna Lennon

In Memory of Margaret Long

In Memory of Matthew Hanlon

Marie Labello

Mark Sutherland

Max Fletcher

Our Parents

Owen Johnson

Pete Tester

Pops aka Richard Grenier

Rosa (My Mother)

In Memory of Roseanne Vomvoris

In Memory of Sarah R. Angel

In Memory of Scott McKinley

St. John Prim Ladies

In Memory of Sean Madden and Elizabeth Wood – who loved this state

Tori, Ella, & Gennie

Vance Layton



Abdon Cabalgada

Alyssa Kelly

Amber Starr Venning

Anastasia Carmichael

Aritzi Silva

Atlas Charles

Aunt Ber

Baby Jones

Bea and Glenn Ellison

Bill Shufelt

Blythe Sanschagrin

Bo Kistner

Brian Lee Daley

Brooke Kistner

In Memory of Bruce Massey

Bud and Julia Heuler

Burley and Ardith Kistner

Carl and May Wingeier

Charles and Ardith Westie

Chris McDonald

Chris Mericle

Christian and Carol Harder

Cooper, Theo, & Felix

Col. Robert N. Boudreau


Dad (Papa) and Mema

David Cass

David Jeffries,

My amazing son who loved your parks

David T. Parks

Derek Sellhausen

In Memory of Don Nelson

In Loving Memory of my Husband,

Donald F. Tetreault

Drew, Laura, Emory, and Josephine Rossi

Dylan Ogles

Ellie Trammell

Emily Ross

Eric Espinoza

Erin Landauer

Euan Edwards

Frances Sexton

Frank Werner

Gabrielle Milch

In Memory of George Sprinkel


GO ><>*

Dr. Greg Brooks’ Birthday

Harold and Ellinor Moeller

Irene Elizabeth Mortensen

Isabell Thomas Eutsey

Jackson Cook

James and Janice Bussard

In Memory of Jared Vaszily

Jean Dobson

Jennifer, Amanda, Nicole, Kristin, Katie, and Renee

In Loving Memory of My Son, Jesse M. Tetreault

John Clarke

John Oteri

In Memory of John Pasko

Josefa, Gilberto, Angela

Dr. Joseph Glisson

Josiah and Stacey Smith

Joy Becker

Judy Kathryn Lewis

Judy Rose

Julia Anne Davidson

Julie Engler

Justin Bieber

Katie Caldwell

Kenneth Sr and Carmen Kistner

Larry Hilker

Larry & Sherry Child

Leah Steiner

Liam, Jennie-Rose and Lucas Evaul

Linda Haughton

Linda Feaster

Lindsay Ogles

Lucy Mercuri

In Memory of Lyn Doering

Lowell and Patricia Burgett

M. Regimbal

Malaney & Loreto

Marcus Aurelius

Margaret Froggatt

Marty Saint

The McCreekzzi Family

Merrill Horswill

The Moore Family

Morgan, Dylan, Rob & Shannon Welling

Nancy Duffy

Nick Brown

Ninan Rogers

Norma Wormser

Norman Palmer Swales

Owen Johnson


In Memory of Patricia Schlack

Randi Swords

Ray and Peggy Jolin

Richard H. Rodgers

Richard and Kris Kunzi

Richard Mintken

Rob and Rebecca Bacon

Robert J. Luther

My Mom, Ruby

Ryan Just

Sally Hiller

Sarah Sprinkel’s Birthday

Sebastian Vatsvog

Sharon Lux

Shawn Spiros

Shelter for Nature

Shona Kistner

Steve and Kerry Bickley

Steve Lewis

Steven Hatch

T. Regimbal

The Talbott Family

Terry and Cathie O’Brien

In Memory of Timothy Bamford

Tony Fiorini

Tom Trammell

Tracy Rakes Dent

Valerie McKinzie Brown

Valerie Thomas

Wayne Natale

Weaver Family

Wilma Lee

My Granddaughter, Zelda


Ann Hartory’s Birthday

Dedicated to the Memory of our

Loved one, Beatrice Davidson

In Memory of Becca Calhoun

Betty Schultz

Beverly J. Chancy

Bill Kalil

Bill Stewart



In Memory of Bradford James Green

Brianna Suros

Brynn & Kate Ronston

Calvin Carlson

Cheryl Tessler Solit

David and Ginny

Diego Vich

Donald Matteson

In Memory of Edward Poculosky

Eli Simonson

Erika and Annabelle Etienne

In Memory of Frank Clarkson

In Memory of George and Julia Travis

Howard Evans


Jane Doe

In Memory of Jane McNierney

Jeanne Lee Marie

Jerry Snyder

Joanne Berman’s Birthday


In Memory of Kenneth Weinberger

Kim Tanzer’s Birthday

Kristin Suros

Kyle Palmquist

Lee Constantine’s Birthday

Leo Aurel


Senator Linda Stuart’s Birthday

Liz Sutter


Lucy Shadow Hibbard

Mackenzie Chenoweth

Margaret Gregory

Margret Ruede

Mariella Suros

Martha Riley

In Memory of Michael Paul Schaeffer

Pat Avery

Peggy Baker

Pete and Nancy Blackmore

Peter Messmore

Roger Ford

Samme Ripley

Stewart Powers


Susan Makowski’s Birthday


In Memory of Theresa Poculosky

In Memory of Thomas Moore

Victoria and Brice

From the University of Miami

Men’s Soccer Alumni 1961-84

In memory of our teammate,

William Curtis Epstein.


Yingan Hoang

Yvonne Cecile


Agnes Landress

Ahed Shakhsheer

Alan Lumpkin

Allen L. Masters

Allen Andone

Anna Marsala

Antoinette Simon

Arnold & Sophie Madison

Arthur W. Klein & Michael Zimmermann

Asa Gillette

Aubrey Meyers

Barb Pearson

Betty Vaughn

Bill Kalil

Bill Stewart

Bill Wright

Billy Bob

Celebrating Blaine Vaszily

Blanca Lindholm

Bob Ratliff

Bob Siegel

Brad Hollett

Brad Keesee

Brad Kinsell

Brad Singer

Brady Rigdon

Brannen McElmurray

Brian Reeves

Bruce Irwin

Carolyn Edelmann

Carrie Rafuse

Charles T. Jameson

Charles D. Smith

Chase McGrory

Chris & Meghan Russell

Christian Rindler

Christopher T. Byrd

Christopher Creighton

Cliff Simes

Clint Gibson

Cole Johnson

Colton Milam

Dale & Carlene Aborn

Dave Russell

Dave Simes

David Polston

Deborah Kay Geer

Dmitri Krivosheyev

Donald Jay Kremer

Donna Molinaro

Dorthalice Potter

Edward Eng

Elias Hionedes

Emily Bonilla

Eric Barnum

Francis Heuler

Francis & Vivian Wendenland

Frank Mitchell

Fred and Jeannette Kowkabany

Gene Bush

George T. Brown

George Bruce White, Sr.

George Bruce White, Jr.

Glen Boucher

The Hazelwood’s

In Memory of Henry Bostick

Herbert E. Eiland

Hugh Tran

Hunter James

Ilma Farris

Isla Rose Pano

Jack Hamel

Jack Wilson

James M. Connell

James L. Shepherd

Janice E. Barton

Jared & Rebecca VanNostrand

Jason Now

Jason Rountree

Jay Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Rawls

Jeff Wooten

In Memory of Jerry Pittman, Jr.

Joanne Fink

Joe Raspante, My Dad


Joyce & Annette Sullivan

June B. Austell

In Memory of June Kohn

Karen Chadwick

Kathleen Reynolds

Kathy Loud

Kelly J. McCleerey

Kenneth Weinberger

Kevin Walsh

Kim Estlack

Laraine Westberry

Larry Myers

Lawrence Surage

Lily & Rory

Lily McCarter

Loren & Caroline Fuller

Luke & Jessica Marzano

Lynn Urban Planner

Mackenzie Chenoweth


Marcelo & Hayley D’Amico

Mark Maxwell

Margaret Spontak

Marius Piskorz

Matthew Davis

Matthew M. Hall

In Memory of Maxwell Barnes

Micah Dickinson

Mimi Antompietri


Monica Pharr

Morgan Hatch


My Kids, Nick & Andy

Nancy Marsala

In Memory of Nathaniel Alexander Kunz

Nick Bowden

Pat Avery

Paula, Sergio & Maia

Peace and Love

In Memory of Peter G. Colton

In Memory of Petey Maugans

Preston Bullen

Remy, RJ, Carlaen & Alyson

Rey Rodriguez

Richard Brady

Robert C. Meyer

Ronnie Sims

Ruth E. Warner

Sadie Clay

Sam Pratt

Sam Thigpen

Samuel Gomez

Sean Ravenel

Sean and Benjamin Varghai

Scott Brady

Shaun Bozeman

Shawnte Anderson

Shelia Mary Kelly

Steve A. Olsen

In Memory of Sue Proietti

The Future

Theodore John Butler

Tim Tickle

Timothy Thomas Arahill

Tina Pemberton

Tres Campbell

University of Florida


Victoria and Brice

Vince Humphrey

W. D. Hamilton

Wade P. Olszewski

William & Nina Lepird

William Jackson Saunders

Winnie Irizarry


Zarko Ognjenovic


Bethany Rogers

Cliff’s Birthday

Eric Hoffman

In Memory of Joseph Julio Gardiner

In Memory of Joyce Rathel

In Memory of Ken Weinberger,

A true friend, golfer, dominoes player

and Park Service employee.

Roger Powell

Ruth & Francis Metz

Scott Paul McKinley

In Memory of Steven P. Doheny, M.D.

Vivian Janer


In Memory of Angeline Vergnetti

In Memory of Beverly Smoker

Dana Rutledge – Happy Birthday

In Memory of Gary Minor

In Memory of Jane Williams

In Memory of Janet Wall

Jerry and Sandy Walker

My mother, a proud Florida Cracker, Miriam Collins

Owen Johnson

In Memory of Patricia Casper

Sharon Lynn – Happy Birthday

In Memory of Susan P. Rubolino

JULY 2021

In Memory of Elsa Rebello

In Memory of Guy Charleville

Kimberly Buchheit

Owen Johnson

Penelope Neely

In Memory of Rick Kolbaba

JUNE 2021

Abraham Schwartz

Adam Kramser

In Memory of Albert Pullinger (Pa)

Dr. Alan Long

Alberto Duque Sr.

Arthur Bormann, Jr.

Bert Tiller

Bill Williams

In Memory of My Son, Blake Robert Bennett

Bob Swartzbaugh

B. T. “Buster” Longino

B. T. Longino

Brad and Jeff Baylor

Brian K. Archer

Brian Collins

Brian Crowe

Butch Whittington

In Memory of Charles “Chick” Hunt

My father, my friend.

Charles Leroy Fink

Charles Trawick Prentiss

Christopher Schantz

Clayton E. Rodgers

Clifton “Grandpa” Lee

Clintin Ray Sherman


In Memory of Dad

Dale Beaver

Daniel Perales

David Jeffries

David Lovell

Dawn Forsberg

Derrill Jones

Dick Rand

Don Zalesky

Donald J. Harris

Frank Campbell

Fred Vandergraff III

Gabriel Donado

Gene Ziegler

Harry Belcher

Henry Madden

Howard Forsberg

James Allen Rogers

James B. “Buck” Stapleton

James Zawrotny

Mr. Jan Bout II

In Loving Memory of Jerome Gunn

Joel Elliot

John Pemberton

John G. Redd, Jr.

John W. White

Jonathan French

Kathy Warnick

Keith McDonnell


Dr. Mark T. Ebel

Marty Schless

Matthew Johnson

Maurice J. Duffy

Merton F. Barrs

Michael DeBacco

Michael P. Rado

Nick Tipson

Noranne Downs’ Birthday


Paige Forsberg

Patrick Hughes

Paul Halsema

Rachel Unger

Ray Berringer

Ray Hansen

Ray Nolind

Richard Bonilla

Richard French

Richard W. Keefe

Rob Dynan, Father’s Day 2021

Rob Stewart – Reef’s Dad

Robert Larys

Robert McCracken

Robert A. Moore (Bob)

Robert J. Sauerwine

Robert Sloyer

Roger T.

Ronald Eugene Peebles

Samantha Forsberg

Scott Ruddell

In Loving Memory of

Shamir “Shadow” Bolivar.

Your love, forever planted in all of us!

Stanley Ryng

Steve Fors

Tayllor Forsberg

Ted Anthony Abbott

Terry Hill, best dad ever

Terry Tyson #1 DAD

Thomas Ross Prickett

Thome Cook

Tim Lavallee

Todd Rouse AND Fred Cocozzelli, best dads ever

Tom Baynard

Tom Oser

Tom Voorhees

Vernon Daniel

W. Tebbe

William Birdsong

William Clark Prentiss

MAY 2021

Alice Lunsford Newman

Andrew Roberts

Angie Jones

Anita Lamour

Ann Marie Blonkowski

Ann Miller – Happy Mother’s Day!l

Anne Clendinen

Annette Bass

April Fitzsimmons

In Memory of Audrey Radford Herrin

from her seven daughters:

Ann, Beth, Karen, Kris, Lana, Linda, Mary

Au and Kia Vuong

Audrey Roberts

Barbara Hatfield

Barbara Marshall

Beatriz Robinson

Benjamin Spoto

Berta Anna Graf

Bess Hoes

To My Mother – Betty Jane Barrs

Betty Ruth Wilson Sennett

Beverly Cusa

In Memory of Blanche Frye

Bonnie Coats

Bridget Erving

Brooklyn Blue

Caren Spencer-Smith

Carole Mosher

Carolyn Barnes

Carolyn Schmidt

Carolynn Moroney

Cassandra Mask

Cathy H.

Charla Alice Barr

Cheri Estevez

Cheryl Keeney

Christina Pitchford

Christine Patton

Christine Pokorney

Cindy B.

Cindy Barrowclough

Clara McLemore Hernandez


Cynthia Preshong

Dana Barrow

Danielle Westbrook

Darlene Franklin

Davis Family

Debbie Brown

Debbie Cunningham


Dee Dee Cousins

Delphine Louchie Ross

Denise Mitchell

Diane Marie Woinski

Donna Ross

Doris, Lauren, and Sandra

Dorothy Barrowclough

Dorothy Thayer VanArsdale

Eleanor Pereira

Elinor Ewanizky

Elizabeth Delorme

Emilia Feigenbaum

Esther Kaize

Ethel Brown

For my father, a great supporter of

Florida State Parks.

Happy Father’s Day!

Fay Kinderman

In Honor of Flora E. Shirah

Florence Rose Singletary

Florence Short

Frances Trombino

Frances Wiggins

Gertraude Kissell

Gloria Carolan

In Memory of Gordon Toy

Gudelia Esther ValdÈs

In Memory of Hazel Keppen

Heidi Ake

Heidi Robarge

Herb Carlyle

Ilma Farris

In Memory of Ina

Ina H. Fernandez

Ina Rodgers

Ingeborg Aurora Allee


Jackie Falconer

Jacqueline Albright

Jamie Brown

Jan Barber

Jane Hossack

Jane Tarwater

Jane Willis Gregory – For her birthday

In Memory of Janet Wall

Jazmine Fossa

Jean Cummins Chulak

Jean Hamilton

Jean Robinson

Jennie Spoto

Jennifer O’Brien

Jennifer O’Neill

Jessica Dixon

Jill Sandersen

Joan L. Johnson

Joan Spoto

Joan Tweedell


Jolynne Woodmansee

Joseph C. Spoto, Jr.

Joseph C. Spoto III

Josephine Woinski

Joy Bass Ohler

Joy Wilson

Judy Keppen

Judy Simmons

June Futrell

Karen Stewart


Kate Stiles

Kathleen Loughrey

Kathryn Boyle

Kathryn Lurito

Kathryn Mullins

Kathy Hersh

The Best Mom & Grandma, Kathye

Kattie Brown


Kay Weir

KIA Soldiers

Kiki Willis

Kikiís Grandchildren

Kristin E. Spoto


Laureene Windau

Lauren Woinski

Leah Grossman

Leah Sedelmeyer

In Memory of Leanne Davis

LeAnne Schumann

Liberta Scotto

Lillian G. Alexander

Lillian Moroney

Lily Roberts

Linda Phillips

Linda Stewart


Lisa Levens

Logan Massey

Lora Grabach

Lucy Williams

Lynn Ellen Iddings

M&K Pearson

My Mother, Mabel Hewitt

Margareth Levene

Marie Alford

Marion Spencer Dyer

Marjorie A. Brown

Mary Barrett

Mary Bone

Mary Collins Peterson

Mary Kate Snyder, My Mother

Mary Margaret

Mary M. Vance

Mary Peterson

Matthew Charles Walters


Maxine Bass

Mayme Evelyn Olliphant

Melissa Bonnette In Memory of Matthew Peter

In Memory of Michael R. Boone

Michele Brillhart

Mildred Acosta


Moms: Marisol, Christine, Melissa, Ellie, Donna

Monica Collins


Mossamino Guido 100

Mrs. Castle and her 3rd Grade Class


In Memory of Nancy Barnes

Nancy F.

Nancy Davis Goldthwaite

Nancy Henning

Nancy Knight

Nancy T. Trumbull and Larae A. Trumbull,

Bestest Moms Ever.

Happy Mother’s Day

Nevzat Ornac Ulukaya

Nicolas Webley

Nona Clara Noriega

Oak Matthias Gregg Donaldson

Olga Tepliuk

Pam Kozlowski

Pat and John Buchholz

Pat Roesner

Patricia McGahee

Paul Douglass Hennessey

Paul Johnson

Paul Strauss — Happy Retirement!

Pauletta Calhoun

Peggy Helber

Phyllis Ohler

Phyllis and Rose Giansanti

Phyllis Gastent

Rainie, Ashley, Jane, Karen, Christy,

Lynne, Pam, Wendy & Judy

Rebecca Vredenburg

Renee Salazar

Richard (Dick) William Hoffman

Rita Flores De la Torre


Robin McClatchey Thomas

Rochelle Hills

My Mother, Rosana Rush

For Our Mother, Rose Bartell

Rose Boggess Yauilla

Ruth Bauer

Ruth Dunham

Sara Brown

Sarah E. Provost

Sarah Reed

Sarah Rowsey

Seriena Walcott

Sharon Maureen Demers

Shayna Weller

Sheri Moore

Shirley Mullis

Sigred Chasey

Sophia Elizabeth Richter


Stacy McDuffie

Steven B. Spoto

Susan Liebetrau

Susan Lopez-Embury

Susan and Nersa Garcia

Susan Sentenac

Suzanne McKenzie

Tamera Anderson-Hanna

Tamila Dikaya

Tanya Bridgeman

Tatiana Sanchez


Tilden Schaub

For Toni and Sistilia

Tonya Smith

My Mom, Tootie

Twig George

Uncle Albert Duhart, Jr.

Vera Tepliuk

Victoria Vanderlaan

Viki Schaub

Violette Steinke

Virginia Scheck

Wanda K. Doty

Wendy Concerns Newell

In Memory of

William and Jeanette Priest

William Mac Dowell

Ying Zhao

In Honor of Yvonne Davis on Her 100th Birthday

APRIL 2021

Addison and Zander

Alice Holmes

Alison, Elise, and Jacob

All of those who continue to work against the odds to keep our planet green and clean.

All the Lineman who have lost their lives!

Amanda Julia Sacco


Ann Baldassarre and Helen Wharton

Aria Hines

Austin and Allen

Arthur Mitchell

Ashley Young & Layla Mercado


Barbara Bartz

Barbara Oakleaf (My Mother)

Benji Sorial

Bill and Beatrice Maass

Bob and Bette Wells

Bonnie J Wilson

Bruce Barca, Larry Barca, Shirley Barca, Hannah Belle Barca, Tiffany Alexandra von Chandler

Calvin and Abigail


Carol Winchell

Cecelya & Brody

Charlotte B Murphy

Cheryl Tessler Solit

Cori Lowrey


Daniel Boyd

Dave, Jessica, Joanne, Justin, & Pepper Bachansingh

Deirdre Deputy

Delilah, Hobbs, and Eskimo

Delmar Nabb

Dolores Sanchez y Gilberto Acosta

Dorothy Brown

Dorothy Buehn

Dot and Harry Eustis

Easton and Sawyer

Ed Rodriguez

Elliott And Marshall

Elsa Rebello

Erica Andrews

Estelle Raben

Evangelina Adams

Flory Galuski

Future Pine Beetle Free Pine Trees!

Gene Clucas

Grandma Hazel


Grayson the Gray Tabby

Greta de la Rua

Harold and Lorna


Harry Duckworth

Helen Delone

Helen Luke

Howard Smith

Huckleberry Potter

In honor of my nature-loving family: Sarah, Matt, & Emma Weaver; Kyle Chesney; my mom, Marge; for all near and far, forever in tune, including memories of loved ones departed. For Rusty, Always.

In Memory of Francis A. Stackowicz

Fred Milch

Isabelle Lindner Hemery

Isadore and Jacquelyn Bernstein

Jake May


James Viles

Jeanie Butler

Jerald Edward Strnad

Jerice Wing

Jerry and Tish

Jesse Bailey-Long

Jesus & Chris Contreras

Jim Mandle

In Memory of Joe Pagano

Joan and Harold Schwartz

Joan Lewis

Joel Rybolt

John Chisholm Baldwin

John T. Cooper

Joseph Bosley


JP Gleason

June Futrell

K9 Darel

Karyn Sessions

Kelley Organek and Jill Smith

Kelsey Gayhartt

Kerri L Kawa


Kevin Swope

Kyle Palmquist

Leland DeVore

Leslie Davison Sr.

Lisa and our 7 children


Logan Massey


Lt. Col. Howard E Evans Jr

Lucas Brownson

Luther Eugene Feagin

Ma, Pa, Grandma Peggy, and Caroline

Mace Guice

Mara McNicholsís

Maria Caridad Perez Chavez

Marie Smith

Mary A. Marshall

Mary Jan Heltsley

Mary Joy Rogalle

Mary Lou Swick

Mary Schenck

Mary Schwartz

Maureen Randall

Maurice Alpert

Moose Garcia

Morgan and Kyla Dickson

Mother Earth

My Cuties

My Mom, Dorothy Stickler

My loving mom, Patricia Santos

My mom, Ethel Vidal

Nancy Trappler


Nati, Ollie and Augie Maldonado and Nicolas Narvaez.

Neal Q. Pope

Nicholas Gallardo earth day birthday

Olisia Ayala

Lera Osterhoudt

Penny Richey

Pete Clark

Pam and Patricia

Paul and Mary Elizabeth


Pazuzu Jasperello Winchester

Peter van Es



Rae Harris

Reed and Rita Robinson

Rick Rooney

The Robbins

Robert Landsman

Robert Pile

Ronny Van Zant

Rosemary McCormick

Russell T. Kirk (ìRustyî)

Sacred Soul Circles

Sam Grassman

Shampo Family

Shannon Allred

Shona, Blythe, Brooke, Bo, Ken

Sid Shazly

State of Florida

Steve Henrichon

Suncoast Chapter of FNPS

Susan Marie Olmscheid

Suzanne McKenzie

Taylor Igo

Ted Sward

Tina Pemberton

The Bean Tribe


Tommy Horner

Tony and Jules

Walter Blank

Walter Rothenbach

Wilson Stevens

Winston Oliver

YCC Camp of 1974


MARCH 2021

Annabel Bratton Walker


Brian M. Stout

The Forests of Florida

Joyce & Maxine

In Honor of Maria Bolton

My Grandchildren

Oma & Papa Garcia

In Memory of Riley Logan

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

In Memory of Steve Rollo

Tim Gosney


Annabel Bratton Walker

Annie Ella Walker – who instilled in all she knew a love and appreciation for nature and the Great Outdoors.


Brian M. Stout

Eric Devoe – Happy Birthday, my love!

The Forests of Florida

Joyce & Maxine

My Grandchildren

Oma & Papa Garcia

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

Tim Gosney


Annabel Bratton Walker


Brian M. Stout

Carmelite Moreau

The Forests of Florida

In Memory of Heinz Roos

Hershey, Gabby, and Kasey Hartmann

In Memory of James M. Schauf

Jim & Carol Olson

Joyce & Maxine

Lauren, Beth, and Diane

Leanna Fry

In Memory of Lillian Hardy

My Grandchildren

Oma & Papa Garcia

In Memory of Richard Gant, my brother

Stephanie A.F. James

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

In Memory of Terry Stockton

The Treser Family

Tim Gosney


Aaron & Lauren

Family of Andres & Suzanna Gaeta

Alan & Rebecca Randall

Alana Alvertos

Alana & Anna Alvertos

Alex Looke

Amy Robinson

Andi Swords

Andrea Vega

Andrew & Brodie Adams

Anna Alvertos

Anna Benevento

Annabel Bratton Walker

Annie and Carson Post

Anthony Robinson

Aria Isabelle Vega

Arielle Mundy

Art Holloway

Asa Horton


Austin Wilson

Barbara Bartz

Barbara Monette

Barbara Z Pedersen

Barbara Twiehaus

Barrett Dick

Barri Looke

Bill Shufelt

Blake Gaston

Brandon Winstead

Brian M. Stout

Brianna Russell

Bridgette Ligon

Cade Knight

Calvin Albert

Cam McDonald

Carolyn Rose

Cassandra Brennan

Charles “Jake” Jacobowski, Jr.

Chloe & Sophie Smiley

Chris Bayly

Chris Groover

Chris Jamison

Christine Fleming

Cindy Bridger

Cole, Madi & Katie


Cora & Cassandra Grossmann


Dan Looke

Dana & Gary Goetz

Danae Pinate

Darren Maggs

David Cessna

David Crawley

Deborah Primosch

Deepak Mysore Raju

Denise Liberi

Dennis Wayne Babb

Derek Sellhausen

Diana L. Sulkowski

Dorrie Sanders Duarte

Dwayne Mundy

Dylan Ogles

Ellie Duarte

Ellyn Gibian


Erik Goetz

Erin Adams

The Forests of Florida

Fox Slater

Gail & David White

Gary L. Anderson – Tree Farmer

George Christian Pedersen

George Orr

Gil Dorland

Ginger Matthew & Alex Dicicco

Grace Fleetwood

Hannah Higginbotham

Harold W. Hishon

Holly Lane

Ian Gleespen

Jack Ennis

Jackie Owens & Elena Fraser

In Memory of Jackie Piper

James E. Todd

James Slater

Jana Mastrogianis

Janell Marie Gardner

Janet Goetz

Janet Needham

Jason Adams

Jared Brown

Jeanne & Dave Spina

Jeanette Holloway

Jeanni Deringer


Jeffrey Ward

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Kowkabany

Jennifer Steadman

Jillian Cleek

Jim Wheeler

Judy Parker

Julianna D. Stout

June & Asher Lavernia

Justin Robert Smith

Joan D. and Peter Finn

Joanna (My Sister!)

Joe & Betty Sponseller

Joe Biden, President-Elect

Joey Medrano

Dr. John Edward Harkness

John and Fran Knight

John Walker

Joline Ziemerink

Jon Goetz

Jon Leonard

Jonathan Amgott

Jordan Stroud

Joyce & Maxine

Judy Parker

Julie Engler

Kaci Krstich

Kaleta Arase

Katie Gosney

Karen Rybarczyk

Kathleen Muldowney-Meyer

Kathleen Toolan

Kathy Ewing

Kelly Sahr

Khyati & Divit

Kimberly Teegarden


Laura Cole

Laurel Hendry

Lauren M. Branco

Layton Seabourn

Lee F. Snyder

Lilly Robinson

Lindsay Ogles

Logan Massey

Lorrie Muldowney

Louise Looke

Luisa Alicea

Lynne Smith

Lynn Fagan

Malyn Ellens

Makenzie, Shelby, Rachel, Rick, Shannon, Heather, Kevin, Travis, Craig & Gary

Marcus Webb

Mark Bargmann

Mark “Boo” Bargeman

Marley Adams

Marco Stern Arango

Marietta Pedersen

Marin, Liesel, & Owen Smith

Marlo Winstead

Martha Albert

Mary Davis Burke

Matt, Ollie, & Elliot Trager

Matt & Dorothy Bardin, Our fellow outdoor lovers

Matthew Epperson

Maureen Oneill

Maureen “Reenie” Sikes

Maya Duarte

Max & Janine

Michael Shumway

Milli Krstich

Miriam Figueroa


My Grandchildren

My Sunflower, Terri Watkins


Natalie Nix

Nick Brown

Nicolaos (Niko) Alvertos (Theo Niko)

Dr. Nilza Kallos

Noah Fleetwood

Oma & Papa Garcia

Orian Wells

Our Children: Elisha, Kimberly, James, & Timmy

Our Grandchildren: Gabriel, Brianna, Jaxon and Mason

Owen Johnson

Patrick Orr

Paul Skrabut

Pauline D. Pedersen

Pauline Vangor

Penelope Looke

Penny Niemann

Piper Looke

Phyllis Hord

Pierce Greisl

Randi Swords

Raymond Mak

Richard W. P. Combs

(Little Ricky)

Raegan Elizabeth Mize – Unicorn Warrior – DIPG Angel

Riley Knight

Rob Duarte

Roger Zeh

Rosalie Kennedy

Rosie Jacquelin

Rose Marie Lobell

Ruby Brannon

Sandra Hinch

Saveria Winstead

Sarah Cushing

Shani Slater

Sharon Fields

Shaye Wilson

Shipra Saklaan

Simon and Mary Ann Cisneros

South of Seeds, Inc.

Stella Wilkes

Stephanie Krstich

Stephen Robinson

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Kowkabany

Steve Mani

The Strong Man

Sue Steinberg


Tanya Wilcox

Terri Watkins Jablon

The Fiorito Family

The Huene Family

The Smith Family

Tim Gosney

Tim Mulloy

Tim Wilcox

Timothy Suchocki

Timothy (Timo) G. Brown

Timothy Thomas Arahill

Tom Looke

Tomoe Papciak

Trixie Machado, Best cat in the world

Tyler de Salazar

Vance Griffith Layton

Vasiliki & Sotirios Alvertos

Yia-yia &Papu

The Family of William D. Shattuck

William Everett Rose

William Fitzhugh Whitehouse III

Zac, Adrienne, Raylen & River

Zach Sonberg

Zelda Halbrook


A Hundred Fold Goodness

Florida forests and her woodland creatures large and small!

In Memory of Janet Wall

Julia Marie

In Memory of Mary A. Marshall

Ms. Meg Ruede

Mini & Eric’s Wedding on Nov. 14, 2020

In Memory of My Brother,

Patrick E. Harrell

Dr. Sarah M. Schulz

Baby Sylvia Drew Mulry


Annabel Bratton Walker


Brian M. Stout

David Smith

Dixie Sue Genevieve Vickery


Jana Mastrogianis

In Memory of Janet Wall

My Family

My Grandchildren


Rachel Kershner Riley

In Memory of Robert A. Swezy

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

The forests of Florida

Tim Gosney


Annabel Bratton Walker


Kenneth Gordon Cassidy

This is planted in memory of Kenny Cassidy. May his memory be a blessing.

My Grandchildren

Pauletta Calhoun

Rebekah McMurrain

Steve Mani

The RCWs!

The AACN Nurses make this donation in memory of Kenneth Gordon Cassidy. Our deepest condolences go to our amazing colleague, Linda Cassidy, and her family.


Alyssa and William

Annabel Bratton Walker

Ann Avona (Cookie)


Brian M. Stout

Bonnie (Rhoads) Sungaila

In honor of a dear

departed friend

Jana Mastrogianis

Joyce Seeman

Lane Anderson

Margie Burnham

My Grandchildren

The forests of Florida

Tim Gosney

Sister Josephine Sullivan

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

William Vaughan

JULY 2020

Adrien and Virginia Lemire

Albert and Katherine Roemer

Alina Campos-Vega

Angel Furbabies: Mittens, Tutti Frutti, Sheba, Twinkle & Kramer

Annabel Bratton Walker



Ben Reder



Bonnie Brett

Bonnie Caldwell

Brian M. Stout

Catherine Delehanty

Carolyn Quick

Charley & Sienna

In Memory of Chester

Clean air


Daine Irving Abbott

Dale McCann

Dave McDaniels

David Bottomley

Derris Ledin

Donna Watkins

Edie MacMurdo

Edward Kennedy

Edward Mueller

Elizabeth Boileau

Fatima Chagani

Florence Mieczkowski


Foster, Evan, and Ellis Langhol

Gregory Lane Byrum

Greg Storer

Henry Rogerson

Jack Makemson

Jamieson Aires

Jana Mastrogianis

Jane Shieman

In Memory of Janet Wall

Jody Allen

John-Carlo Monti

Joseph F. Rath

In Memory of Joyce Seeman

Kara Driscoll

Keno Diefenderfer

Kim Watson

Lacey Castejon

La Florida

Lauren Rangel

Lee and Joanne Brewda

Libby Salamone

Linda Ahlberg

Lola Cranmer

Loran Wlodarski

Lois Lynn

Louise Trinkle

In Memory of Luke Charles Hawthorne

Lucinda & Ira Johnson

Lynn Cherry

Mac D. Morrow

Marcus Hickman, E. Richard Zarn, and Zeke Varn

Margaret Lingor

Maria Luisa Riviere

Marilyn Trent

Maryanne Uglow

Mary Haldeman

Mary Kate Downing


Michael Landress

Michelle Knafou Shimmel

Mother Earth

My Dad, Mike Locher P.E.

My Daughter, Madeleine Grace

My Grandchildren

My Niece, Siena Castellon

Myrtle Almas

MW Hall


Native Floridians, restoring our state’s natural beauty


Nicholas Lopane

Nina Taylor

Our Beautiful Earth

Pat & Ted Carey

Patricia Turpening

Paul R. Jones

Reuben Schey

Richard and Edna May Lundgren

Richard Wasley

Ricky Weston

Robert Phillips

Robin Fox

Rosario Santiago

Ruben Garcia and Mathew Forero

Runcie Tatnall

Samuel Kendall

Shaun Taylor

Shelly, Helene & Carol Altman

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Mani

Steven E Gosse

Stewart Parsons

Super Oliver

Tamara Marlene Louise Calderwood

Tanner Scott Wellman

The Forests of Florida

The One Piece Plan & Tom

Tiffany Edmunds

Tim Gosney

Tom Ellis

Tommy Ward

Trevor Killian

Trish Ward

Vince Longo

William Morgan

Yellow Buses in the Park Project

YourCause LLC

JUNE 2020

Adam Cecchini

Alan Smiley

Dr. Alfons Kujawski

All the black lives lost to police violence

All the Good Ones in My Life

All the Dads, Uncles and Grandpas

All the Fathers in my Life: Dad, Grandfather, Grandpa, Uncle Bob & Uncle Scott

All Veteran Fathers

Alo and Luis, two great fathers!

Angelo G. Resciniti

Ann Mallen, Christy Ziegler, Margaret Tatkow

Annabel Bratton Walker


Arthur Bides

Arthur Buser & Jarrett Crawford

Arthur & Lucas

Au & Kia Vuong

Barbara Patten and Ginny Skelton

Barry P. O’Brien

Dr. Barnard Russell

Ben Reynolds

Ben P. Roberts, Jr.

Bernard Lee

Bill Owens

Billy Joe Nunn

Black Lives Matter

Bob Carter, Charles Foreman, Shane Foreman, Tommy Thompson

Bobby Peel, TJ Peel, Lynn Gammon & Ronnie Hallmark

Brian Huber

Brian M. Stout

Bruce Genunzio

Bruce Stauffer

Caiden Hanna & Zadie Blair

Carl and Louis Hillman

Carl Hillman

Charlie Reinhart

Charles G. Tilman, Dean A. Decatur Jr., Jason Brown, Lloyd Blackwood

Charles M. Tilman

Charles B. Smith

Charlie Reinhart

Christy Coleman

Clyde Craven Davis – My Dad

Cole Turner

Cowboy AKA David Lee Caudill Sr. 1955-2019

Dad from the Paps

Dadyo aka Rob Drew

Daine Irving Abbott

Dale Thompson

Dan McGrath

Darryl Baker

David & Patrick Chapman

David Dinsbeer

David Gaboardi

Rev. David Gill

David Lee Keith

David Lewis Rosenbaum

David Lipp

David Man

David Matthew Herold

David, Mike and Shannon Talty

David Spaleta

Dennis Durrer

Donald B. Ten Eyck

Donald R. Neuenschwander

Donald Welch

Donna & Gene Raub

Earl L. Kidder

Ed Gartner

Ed Laake

Ed Mueller

Ed Vedrin

Edmund L. Ferree

Edward Brown

Edward Mallen

Eduardo Vilchez Jr.; Keith Brescher (RIP); Dave Christiansen Sr.; Eduardo Vilchez Sr.; John Leslie Brescher (RIP)

Edward Loughlin

Ellsworth Schultz

Elmer Groom

Elmer ‘Bud’ Johnson

Enrico G. Gonzalez

Eric Reinhart

Estelle Lamb

Eugene LaBurt & Archie J. Carroll

Evie Hackett

Familia LondoA+o Arango

Fatima Chagani

For longleaf pines in Torreya State Park

Frank DeBetta

F.H. Scott

G. Fred Brindle

G&K D’Azzo Family

Gary Mahan

Gary Rein, my father!

Gene Hardage

George & Audrey

George Arthur Miller

George Barusso

George P. Hanlon

George K. Nicklin III

George Terwilliger

George Washburn

Gerald Tom Ellis

Gerald Grunz

Giff Crosby

Gilbert J. Leacock

Glenn W. Harris, Sean W. Harris, and Dylan M. Kleissler

Golfview Golf and Racquet Club

Gordon Jones, Christopher Jones & Kyle Totten

Gram Reta

Grandma Gilpin


Grandpa Mike & Grandpa Steve

Gregory Walser Newman

Harry E. Cole and Betty T. Cole

Harry Morley

Henri, Aaro, Urho and all the kids

on the world

Henry “Hank” Engelsman

Henry Lunsford, Sr.

In memory of Herb and Olivia Berger

Herman Conrad Cook

Horacio, Mark & Jim

Howard Lagassa

Howard, Quinton, Jimmy, Jack, Jake, Johnathon, Bob, Troy, Jim, Johnny

Ismael Acevedo

J. Robert Bruya

Jacqueline Spamer

Jacob Zinn

In Memory of James A. Hobbs

James D. Patteson

James F. McCollum and Alejandro Bowers

James Neyenhouse

James P. Swoope

Jana Mastrogianis

John F. Neyenhouse Sr.

James George Wayden

James John Wayden

James Reed

James Robert Clark

Jason Lommel

Jeff Barrett

Jeffery Singletary

Jeremy Resnick

Jerry Rasberry

Jim Ross, Bob Deweerdt

Jim White

Joe Bollhorst

Joe Wood

John Arthur Duffy

John Harris

John A. Lanehart, Sr.

John Mieczkowski

John Joseph Thornton Jr.

John Riggs Jr.

John Schmitz

John Shaw

John Stiles

Jon Paul Lonesome Rosa

Jose Southo Filho

Joseph A. Asselin

Joseph DeRoller

Joseph M. Glisson Ph.D.

Joshua “Chiko” Garcia

Judd Decker

Juan Bernier, my husband

and best friend

Julian Recinos Senior

Justino Anell

Kailey Fairchild

Katyln Vasallo

Karl (Rhydie) Owens

Keith A. Kastelic

Keith Poole

Kelly and David

Ken Meyer, Husband and Father

Kenneth Peretz/Doug Blaszczak

Kevin & Sydney

Kevin Hall

Kevin Hempel. Love you Dad.

You are the best

Kevin Shea

Klaus and Doug Wilkinson, Jeff Mager

Lenny Rhine

In honor of Adam Lasker and to the memory of Irving Kore and Joe Amidon

Lionel Diaz

Dr. Lynn Dettenmayer

Mac D. Morrow

Mae and Paul Banta

In honor of: Marcus Hickman, E. Richard Varn, and Zeke Varn

Marc Volland & Larry Volland

Margaret Umberger

Marian Miller Perrin

Marina & Landon

Martin and Gale

Marius Popovici

Marquis G Witt

Matthew Harbison

Melvin Lamar Crews

Micah Alexander Mata

Michael Griffith

Michael and Daniel Hayes

Michael Ingram

Michael Johnson

Michael Geoffrey Kelley

Michael P. Marion

Michael B. Resnick

Michael S. Quinn

Michael Schulman

Mickey H. 1976-2020

Mike Fendle

Mike Mitton

Milan Petrujkic

Mildred and James Matthews, Sandra Brown, Billy Brown

Mother Nature

My amazing Mum and Dad,

Diane & Bob McClymont

My Dad

My Dad, Angel “Rico” Ojeda

My Dearest Father, Louis Bertoni

My Father, Barry Binz

My father, Ozzie Robnett

My Father, Peter Joseph Brennan

My Father, Steve Russell

My husband, David Manselle

My husband Robert, my Dad John, and my brothers Jerry, Ian, Jesse, Jath and Patrick

My kids and grandson

My parents

My parents and their values

Nakoma A. Reynolds

Nigel Kelley

Non-violent protestors for Racial Equality in America

Norman Kolar

Our Rock, Our Mentor and Dad to so many, Peter Vande Walle

P. Bruce Berra

Papa Tom Linley

Patrick J. Casey

Paul Halsema

Paul Kennedy

Paul Ligus

Paul W. McCabe

Paul Woodward

Pedro (Pete) Rolon RIP Love you Dad

Peter A. Donelan

Peter Begalla

Rafiq Alqasem

Ralph West, Scott Pipher

Randy Sellers

Raymond H. Brothers

Reggie Buckles

Dr. Rex Stubbs

Richard Baker

Richard Boucher

Richard F. Johnson

Richard I. Thomas

Richard Mudge

Richard H. Rodgers

Richard Stauffer Sr.

Richard Solis

Richard Viox

Rick Pryce

Robert Lee DuBose

Robert Dunning

Robert M. Hall and Robert C. Hall

Robert R. Martin

Robert Nelson

Robert C. Pembleton

Robert H. Phillips, Sr.

Robert D. Christopher

Robert J. Rizzo Jr.

Roger Paul Roberts

Roger Soper

Roland (Bud) Schafer

Ron Scoles

Russell M. Burns

Rusty Collins

Ryosuke Sakai

Samuel Augustus and Anne M. Morley

Samuel W. Cobean, USN Ret. LTCDR

Scott Christie

Scott Milligan

Scott, Heit and Martinez Fathers

Sol Reif

Stephen Resotko

Stephen L. Williams

Steve Delwiche

Steve Fisher

Steve Funnell

Steve Mani

Steve McGue

Steve McNeil

Steve Robitaille

Steve Rodgers, our Dad

Steve Tyre

The Best Father, PopPop, and Husband Steven R. Lowe

Steven Misiaszek

Tim Carney Sr.

Terry Sikes

The Forests of Florida

The Greatest Generation who fought for the freedom we have today –

In Memory of David Sablotsky & Donald Dorshimer

The Inspired

The One Piece Plan& Tom

The Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who served at Fort Clinch

Shona, Blythe, Brooke, and Bo

Theodore Borbidge Jr.

Theodore Borbidge St.

Thomas Anthony Schaad, Sr.

Thomas Kane

Tim Carney, Sr.

Tim Gosney

To my dad: Bill Dentzau

Todd Swords

Tom Troublefield

Tommy Horner

Tony Moten

Travers Robbins MD

Trent Edwin Strate

Treston E. Vause

UF School of Forest Resources & Conservation

Uncle Felly

Vernon H. Bartley

Victor Lagrotta

Vincent & Anna Cina

Waldo Ramon Casanova

Walter and Dixie Gilbert

Wayne Conn

Wil Ivins

Will Kohn

Willem van Voorthuijsen

William Baylis

William “Dat Guy” Matthewman

William and Helen Meerphol

William C. Dove

William Henry Jones

William R. Pador

William Riddle

William Shaner, GINS volunteer

Wythe Davis Sims II

MAY 2020

Aaron Marshal Wandelt

Abigail Dowd Greensboro, NC

Aimee Brent and Rosemarie Hagan, My loving niece and my Sister

Albert G. Snow

Aldous Herring

Aleks and Niko

Ali Faylo

Alice & John McHugh

Alice M. Franke

All Moms

All the awesome moms in my life.

All the Covid victims.

All those who perished from COVID-19

All you Mothers

Andrew J. Wren

Ann Mallen, Katy Redwitz, Christy Ziegler, Margaret Tatkow, Annalee Mallen

Anna Tohal

Annabel Bratton Walker

Anne (nee Tague) Vaszily

Anne DeBusk, Franklin L. DeBusk

Antonio Fornes

Ãric Andersen

AtticusAtticus Herndon

Audrey and Merrill Carter

Audrey Kelsey, Sophia Crane, Marjorie Wright

Backus Family

Barbara K Gailmard

Barbara Symes


Bess Fanning, a great Mom!

Betty L Morton

Bianca, Alec, Alexa, Sofia and Natasha

Billy “Hillbilly” Fizz

Birthday honors for 3 May 2020

Blanca R Rodriguez

Bobby Jean Jones

Bonnie McLellan

Brian Archer

Brock MacCallum Cusick

Brock MacCallum Cusick

Bruce Benidt

Byron, Viola and Robert Smith

C. J. Barber

Carita Rothing

Carol Petro

Carol Pitman


Carolyn Lockett

Catherine Joanne Ray

Cathy Beacher

Cecile Vincent and Velma Carden and Marie Laure Bedard

Chanel Lea Brooks

Charlotte Wollermann

Chris Patton

Christine Folwell

Cindy Rountree

Cisco and Gabby

Clara Boyas

Claudia Drinnon

Colleen Thorburn

Connie D. Micklavzina

Cooper Levey-Baker

Cpl. Lee Sharp, FL DOC

Curtis Lafayette Johns

Dan Lukas

Dan Pollets

Dan Vongsa

Danie D. Viers Mannon

Daniel Doebler

Danielle Moule

Dawson Engstrom

Dayna Snell

Deanna Holman

Debbe Jackson

Debra and Jim Fickes

Debra Angell my Wife

Democratic State Rep. Kristin Jacobs

Diane Elizabeth Evitt

Dolores Aldinger (Nana)

Donna Paglialonga

Donna, Morgan, Sophia, Carol, Mary H, Mary M, Pauline

Dr. Anthony Fauci – for keeping us safe

Dr. Joseph P. Bunn

Dr. Reshma Patel


Edie Hicks

Edie Oliver

Edward Laake

Edward Mosblech

Egan Evan Malagon

Ellen Mielock

Elora and Celina

Erik Krieger

Esther Bachman

Evan C. Earle, Jr.

Faith Frankel

Florene Maupin

Florida Moms

Florida State Parks Foundation

Florida’s Park Rangers

Florida Trail Association

Florida wildlife

Florida Wildlife

Frances Fisher

Fred and Phyl Coburn Family

Future generations

Geoffrey Yasuo Nishida

George and Tina Creais

Gerald Lanier

Gil Ziffer, State Parks Foundation

Gina M Striby

Gladys T. Senft

Grace Gill, Ann Elise Gill, Mckenzie Gill, Albie Gill

Grammy Gladys

Guenther Pfiester

Hannah Derkatsch Blair gone too soon

Harriet Miller

Harvey Rodgers 111

Heike VandeMark

Henry & Matilda Irvin

Herman Leslie Hingson

Holly Fulford

Honest Earl Findley Nelson

Ian Nicholas Peron, my son 9/16/85-6/7/19

Ian Peron

Ilma Farris

In loving memory of Gordon Piper

In loving memory of Nellie and Fred Schermerhorn and Ronald and Sandra Shadick

In memory of Audrey Radford Herrin, love from her 7 daughters

In memory of George Wilkins Harper Jr.

In memory of Olivia Berger

In memory of our mothers Grace Lee Hem and Ella Sue Tripp

In Memory of Vern Blamer

Isaac Gourley

Isabel C Mederos-Rodriguez

Iva Petkova-Cutler

Jacoba Neitzel

James A. Hobbs

James Alan Taylor III

Jami D. Spindler (my mom)

Jana Mastrogianis

Jane Allen

Janine David Hannan

Jasmine Lee

Jean T. Hoyt

Jennifer Hoffman Jones

Jennifer Santora

Jennifer Strate

Jennifer Suzanne Walter

Jessica Modriskey

Jill W Smith

Jim and Marjorie Crawford

Jim DeGrandi

Jim Edwards

JJ Kernan Family, Lance Davis Family, Tony Laron Stalling

Joan Ames

Joanie Botts – Grandmother, Mother and Wife

Joanne Pischiera and Cristina Meyer

John Harvey (Ian)

John Woodward, Elliot Gill, Josie Gill, Mark Woodward

Joseph H Smith


Jubilee, Clementine, and Amelia

Judd Patterson

Jude and JP Swanson

Judy Glass Teaster

Julie Hamilton, Robbi Bain, Jenn Reddin, Carmen Hamilton


June Marhefka

Karen Webb

Karen Woodington

Kathleen Ashman Boccumini

Kathrine Conboy

Kathy and Don Nowacki

Kathy Caulk

Kathy Lott, Teresa Lott, Kara Butler, Judy Butler, Mary Scala, Olga Lott

Kathy Loud

Katy Dunn

Kelley Smith Organek

Kelly Beacher

Kelsey Gayhartt

Ken Blaisse

Kevin Simmler

Kris Meyer

Kristin Jacobs

Lan Esposito


Laraine and Harold McGahee

Larry and Charlotte Kowitch

Larry Hampton

Lee Anne Duval

Leonor Trujillo

Leslie H Elder

Linda Simmons

Lupe’s Mother

Lynne Rosenthal

Lytle family

Mac Benford

Madeleine Wilson, Valentina Molini, Betty Wilson

Mae H. Rooy

Mama Joanne Davis

Marcy Q Ryan – Loving Mother and Wife

Margret Irwin

Maria Roloff

Marie Brooks

Marilyn Capozziello

Marilynne Allen


Marjorie Wonderly

Martin C Foster

Mary Ann Seberry Osborne

Mary Kay Morrissey

Mary McCarren

Mary Mercadante

Mary Ogburn Riley

Mary Ranney Hagenbuch

Maryann Novak

Matthys, for his love of trees!

Max Goodhart

Melinda Lewis

Melissa Marszal

Mimi, GG Schafer, Grandma Burr



Mother Earth

Mother Nature

Mr. David Riemer

Mum Durbin the best Mum-in-law Our anniversary May 22

My beautiful daughter, Christy

My departed wife Nancy and my daughter Lily

My grandmother, FL Native, Mary Virginia Handley

My husband in Heaven Larry R. Sullivan

My Little Angel in Heaven

My Mom Irina Long

My Mom, Dad & sister George, who all loved camping

My Wife Ursula

Nancy Deemer

Nancy Fowler

Nancy Rose Denslow

Nancy Tye

Nancy W. Spofford, Robert N Spofford


Nelida Celano

Niki Fiedler

Nilo Picazo and Great-grand-kids Ellyana and Landyn Pineiro

Nilza Kallos

Nita Mercier

Julia Heuler

NJ ASM & Susan Kearney

Our Mom, Emma Howe

Our Mom, Laura Smith

Our Mother, Mary Carruthers

Ours Moms, Marie and Mary

Pamela Jennette

Patricia Jean Altzner

Patsy Jane Mendola

Patti Teate

Pauletta Calhoun

Pauline Gasso

Peg and Don Butler

Peg Sauber, Patricia Ryan


Peggy D. Metzger

Pete Egan

Peter and Joy Rogalle

Philip F Deaver

Phyllis Dair and family mothers

President Barack Obama

Rose Marie and Richard

Rebekah and Khloe Logan, Max Oquendo and Lou Masters

Ricky Touchet

Robert Karr

Roberta Ferree

Ron and Ruth Berline

Rose and Harris

Rosmarie Cannell

Ruth, Colene, Niki, Janie and Granny

Ryan Preston

Sally Palmi – Madre Gramma

Sandi Sylver

Sandra L Fobb

Sara Stout

Sheila Aref

Shirley Wright

Sigred Chasey

SJ Swartz

Skipper Fossett

Spud Web

St. Joseph Academy Graduating Seniors in 2020

State parks near Venice

Stephanie Beacher


Stephen Eric Cochran

Susan Bickings

Susan Blake Gonzalez

Susan Farnsworth Ehlers

Susan Gelb

Susan Morris

Susan Tremper

Suzanne Marszal

Suzi Rothstein

Sylvia Kleinman


The Children of Florida

The Flora & Fauna of Florida

The forests of Florida

The future of the beautiful state of Florida

The Gander Family

The Glory of God and His Son Who made all things, Jesus Christ.

The Marshall and Prior Families

The memory of Shirley Myrant

The Russo Family

The State of Florida

The Universe

The universe, may it breathe well and keep us all safe.

The Ward Family

The Water

Thelma Bray

Thomas W Watson, Jr. RIP

To Grandma Fran and Great Grandma Spain

Tomorrow’s Stewards

Tony Azevedo

Trisha Goforth

Valerie Leitner

Victims of Covid 19

Virginia M Reagan

Wendolin Barahona-Petro

Wilbur (WD) Griffin, deceased, pine tree farmer


Willard Christal

Yuliia Kriuchkova


APRIL 2020

50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Albert E Lacy

All my family and friends

All those that love nature

Ara Antony Kamciyan

Arthur W. Klein



Barbara Bartz

Belle Arbor

Betty Taylor

Beverly G. Ward

Billie Burdine Jr, Taylor Burdine, Emily Evans, Riley Evans and Ashlynn Stainback


Cathy Harrelson

Clay D Griffin


Damion Bryce Clasby

David Gulyas

David Olney

David P Linger and Joyce Rector

Debby Dwyer-Keller


Earth Day

Earth Week

Ebru and Ada

Edward Michael Flannery

Elsa Rebello

Faye Kahn

Frank Silhan

Friends of Talbot Islands State Parks

Georgia Ackerman and Rick Zelznak

Girl Scout Troop 82136

Gladys Anderson

Gloria Ann Rigling

Graham Sasser, Michele Reeves, and Shaun King

Grand Kids- Sam, Caitlyn and Emma

Grandmom and Mam-ma


Jane E. Bennington

Jeff Weber

Jerald E. Strnad

Jim Askew

Jim McCannell

John and Kathleen Fyfe

Karen Rose Thomas

Kathy Sarafino

Katie Warren

Kyle Christensen

Lesa Miller

Lois Milne

Lora Phillips

Louise Shallbetter

Lucas Moule

Lucy Williams

Margaret Aitken

Maria Hale

Marie Navin

Mark Andrew Jackson

Mary A. Marshall

Mary Peace

Maya and Brandon Jacobson

Michael John Signs

Mick and Annie

Minnie Morgan

Mother Earth

My Family

My Grandpa, Thomas Davis

My Mom Ruth who sneezed every time she came into contact with a pine tree

Neomi Castro (Mimi)

Nicolas, Oliver and August

Noah Meyer-Patt

Norman Palmer Swales

Our Florida Heroes


Pellegrino Tancredi

Penny L. Bruce

Phil and Didi Dolk

Phyllis Lehenbauer

Picky, Haley, Hadley, Miles, Autumn

President Donald Trump

President Trump

Raili Robinson

Randy Dunlap

Rebirth of natural forest

Representative Kristin Jacobs

Riley, Jordan, Dakota, Julia

Robert (Bob) Van Sickle

Roger Swanger

Saundra Cornelius

Susan Russo

The Crisp Family

Vance Griffith Layton

Washington Oaks State Park

Zack, Chase and Max Caron