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Volunteering as a corporate group in Florida State Parks is a great way to build teamwork, improve collaboration, and boost your brand while having fun and making a difference. With 175 parks there are plenty of opportunities across Florida where an unforgettable teambuilding experience can be combined with a financial contribution to leave an enduring impression of your company’s social-responsibility values.

Why Should Your Company Participate?

Corporate social responsibility has become increasingly important to companies with many incorporating social responsibility into their overall business strategy. This improves their company’s brand, builds relationships with their customers, boosts employee morale and leads to greater workforce productivity while serving alongside the stewards of Florida’s state parks.

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Projects are based on the number of volunteers projected by the corporation, individual park project needs, geographical limitations, and the complexity of tasks and logistics to support the project. Some corporations have a fun/picnic event in conjunction with ESP Projects.

ESP Projects are typically 3-4 hours long and include:

  • Volunteering outdoors

  • Fulfilling results-oriented activity

Example of volunteer projects:

  • Beach cleanup, debris removal, trail improvements, foot bridge construction

  • Natural area restoration, native vegetation plantings, tree maintenance, landscaping

  • Painting, re-decking boardwalks, building kiosks and benches, repairing fences

Donate to Multiply The Impact

ESP Projects are facilitated by the Florida State Parks Foundation working in partnership with a Florida State Park and their Friends group, if applicable. A donation is accepted to multiply the impact your corporation has on the park. Donated funds are used to support the service project with materials, tools, and other support services. Your donation allows the Florida State Parks Foundation to offer these hands-on park projects and supports us in our mission to preserve, protect, sustain and grow Florida State Parks.

  • $1,000: 3-4 hour project with up to 10 volunteers

  • $5,000: 3-4 hour project with up to 50 volunteers*

  • $10,000: 3-4 hour project with up to 100 volunteers*

  • $25,000: Custom projects with a predetermined number of volunteers*

* volunteers are divided into teams of 6-10 with team leaders provided by the corporation

Next Steps: Contact Julia Gill Woodward, Chief Executive Officer to find an ESP Project that fits your corporate stewardship goals. If you enjoy volunteering outdoors, want to work with a fun group of people, and make a difference in our state parks, then join us for ESP, and get your employees engaged in a corporate service project at a Florida State Park near you!