By: Paula Russo
Director of Services, Florida State Parks Foundation Services, LLC

Paula Russo - zoomed inFlorida is well-known by residents and visitors as a top-notch destination for nature, aquatic and outdoor experiences, but these opportunities have not always been available to everyone. Over the years, many innovations have expanded access to the outdoors for people with disabilities, ensuring they may have positive, memorable experiences in Florida’s natural environment and award-winning state parks.

As an individual who loves our state parks and uses a mobility assistive device, I personally know the impact of creating accommodations that allow visitors to explore our natural wonders with their friends and families.

July is recognized as Disability Pride Month, and each July 26 marks the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is a time to amplify the voices of members in the disability community, celebrate their important contributions and recognize what support is needed.

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