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The Foundation and many Friends groups use Wild Apricot, a powerful website and online member management tool with many automated features to increase membership, online donations and make our behind-the-scenes life easier.

Get The Discount

One of the benefits of being a Friends group member of the Florida State Parks Foundation is a volume discount we can provide a multi-chapter Wild Apricot discount for annual Wild Apricot fees. The discount provides a 25% discount for 1 year billing plans and a 30% discount for 2 year billing plans. Every dollar your Friends save can be used to further support your park!

If you’re a Wild Apricot user and wanted to take advantage of this discount, please complete this form and email it to the Foundation at info@floridastateparksfoundation.org. The “Chapter Name” is the name of your CSO. Once your group is approved by Wild Apricot, the discount goes into effect on your next billing cycle. The only connection the Foundation has to your account is for purposes of getting the multi-chapter discount. We will not have any admin access to your account or website.

If you’re not using Wild Apricot and want to learn more about its features, click learn more!

Wild Apricot Discount