We’ve done it!!!! We’ve done it!!!! Exotic Plant Treatment Record Realized!

07/13/2017 12:39 PM | Florida State Parks Foundation (Administrator)

That was the cheer heard from Florida Park Service staff when the latest tally came in showing they had broken the all-time record for invasive plant removal in a fiscal year.

And, they have every reason to be proud.  As breaking records and accomplishing never-before-completed amounts of work clearly demonstrates the success of their land management program. 

As, Parks Small, Chief of Bureau of Natural and Cultural Resources with the Florida Park Service, explains, “It takes everyone knocking it out of the park for such an achievement to be possible.  We can successfully run a program that combines paid staff, volunteers, partners and the private sector into one workforce that gets the job done and benefits everyone and the resources.  Every acre of invasive plants brought into maintenance means an acre of land with lower future management costs.  Give us sufficient resources and we will accomplish great things.” 

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