Wild Apricot Resources

There lots of articles and video resources that help explain how to set up and use the various features and maximize your use of Wild Apricot. 

If you run into an issue call or email Wild Apricot Tech Support: support@wildapricot.com or call them at 877-493-6090 Monday - Friday 10 AM-5 PM EST

 Wild Apricot Wishlist 

Do you have an idea to improve Wild Apricot?  Click here to see some of the features have been suggested and added, some are in the testing phase, and others are on the wishlist.  Vote for the feature you'd like to see or add a new idea!

The Wild Apricot Membership Tribe is a private Facebook Group for asking questions and sharing ideas. Join today!

Learn Wild Apricot with hands-on lessons created by Coach Mark! The Boot Camp videos are designed to help you get started with Wild Apricot by introducing important concepts and illustrating common procedures. This Boot Camp is perfect for anyone new to Wild Apricot.

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