Plant a Pine

  What: Plant a Pine is an easy way to help Florida State Parks get greener!   

  Why: Trees play a key role in our environment, cleaning the air, filtering water, and providing      needed habitat for hundreds of species of insects, and other animals and plants. Trees are an  integral part of our ecosystems and they help reduce stress and allow us to connect with nature  and provide a calming effect.  Imagine a time when you walked through a park among towering  trees…that’s why we started the Plant a Pine campaign. 

Plant a Pine is focused on Longleaf Pine which are native to the Southeast and now cover an  estimated 3% of their original habitat. They have long been prized for their commercial use in  building houses, ships, and railroads and their resin used for making turpentine. Mature longleaf  ecosystems support more than 30 endangered and threatened species, including red-cockaded  woodpeckers, gopher tortoises, and indigo snakes. Regular burning to restore their natural rhythms  enables longleaf pine to become rich, stable ecosystems. Longleaf pines are fire-adapted and  dependent on burning which stabilizes and enriches the soil.

When: Plant a Pine kicked off on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 with our goal of planting 100,000 trees  by Earth Day 2021.  Help us plant 100,000 trees!

  How: For every $1 donated, we will plant one Longleaf pine seedling in a Florida State Park.  It’s that easy!  

Special thanks goes to partner, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Outdoor Fund for their generous $50,000 matching grant in support of this crucial program. 

Groups interested in supporting hands-on tree planting projects through the Employees in State Parks program can contact Julia Gill Woodward, Chief Executive Officer. Tree planting projects are limited to specific parks, targeting restoration projects, and restricted planting seasons.

Recognition: Donations to Plant a Pine may be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or in honor of another person who are recognized below. Thank you for caring about Florida State Parks and giving to our Plant a Pine campaign. 

Donor Dedication

October 2020

Brian M. Stout

David Smith

Dixie Sue Genevieve Vickery

Jana Mastrogianis

My Family


In Memory of Robert A. Swezy

Stephen L. Williams

The forests of Florida

Tim Gosney

September 2020

Annabel Bratton Walker


Kenneth Gordon Cassidy
This is planted in memory of Kenny Cassidy. May his memory be a blessing.

My Grandchildren

Pauletta Calhoun

Rebekah McMurrain

Steve Mani

The RCWs!

The AACN Nurses make this donation in memory of Kenneth Gordon Cassidy. Our deepest condolences go to our amazing colleague, Linda Cassidy, and her family.

August 2020

Alyssa and William
Annabel Bratton Walker
Ann Avona (Cookie)
Brian M. Stout

Bonnie (Rhoads) Sungaila
In honor of a dear
departed friend
Jana Mastrogianis
Joyce Seeman

Lane Anderson

Margie Burnham
My Grandchildren
The forests of Florida

Tim Gosney
Sister Josephine Sullivan
Stephen L. Williams
Steve Mani

William Vaughan

July 2020

Adrien and Virginia Lemire
Albert and Katherine Roemer
Alina Campos-Vega
Angel Furbabies: Mittens, Tutti Frutti, Sheba, Twinkle & Kramer
Annabel Bratton Walker
Ben Reder
Bonnie Brett
Bonnie Caldwell
Brian M. Stout
Catherine Delehanty
Carolyn Quick
Charley & Sienna
In Memory of Chester
Clean air
Daine Irving Abbott
Dale McCann
Dave McDaniels
David Bottomley
Derris Ledin
Donna Watkins
Edie MacMurdo
Edward Kennedy

Edward Mueller
Elizabeth Boileau
Fatima Chagani
Florence Mieczkowski
Foster, Evan, and Ellis Langhol
Gregory Lane Byrum
Greg Storer
Henry Rogerson
Jack Makemson
Jamieson Aires
Jana Mastrogianis
Jane Shieman
In Memory of Janet Wall
Jody Allen
John-Carlo Monti
Joseph F. Rath
In Memory of Joyce Seeman
Kara Driscoll
Keno Diefenderfer
Kim Watson
Lacey Castejon
La Florida
Lauren Rangel
Lee and Joanne Brewda
Libby Salamone
Linda Ahlberg
Lola Cranmer
Loran Wlodarski
Lois Lynn
Louise Trinkle

In Memory of Luke Charles Hawthorne

Lucinda & Ira Johnson
Lynn Cherry
Mac D. Morrow
Marcus Hickman, E. Richard Zarn, and Zeke Varn
Margaret Lingor
Maria Luisa Riviere
Marilyn Trent
Maryanne Uglow
Mary Haldeman
Mary Kate Downing
Michael Landress
Michelle Knafou Shimmel
Mother Earth
My Dad, Mike Locher P.E.
My Daughter, Madeleine Grace
My Grandchildren
My Niece, Siena Castellon
Myrtle Almas
MW Hall
Native Floridians, restoring our state's natural beauty
Nicholas Lopane
Nina Taylor
Our Beautiful Earth
Pat & Ted Carey
Patricia Turpening
Paul R. Jones 

Reuben Schey
Richard and Edna May Lundgren
Richard Wasley
Ricky Weston
Robert Phillips
Robin Fox
Rosario Santiago
Ruben Garcia and Mathew Forero
Runcie Tatnall
Samuel Kendall
Shaun Taylor
Shelly, Helene & Carol Altman
Stephen L. Williams
Steve Mani
Steven E Gosse
Stewart Parsons
Super Oliver
Tamara Marlene Louise Calderwood
Tanner Scott Wellman
The Forests of Florida
The One Piece Plan & Tom
Tiffany Edmunds
Tim Gosney
Tom Ellis
Tommy Ward
Trevor Killian
Trish Ward
Vince Longo
William Morgan
Yellow Buses in the Park Project
YourCause LLC

June 2020

Adam Cecchini
Alan Smiley
Dr. Alfons Kujawski
All the black lives lost to police violence
All the Good Ones in My Life
All the Dads, Uncles and Grandpas
All the Fathers in my Life: Dad, Grandfather, Grandpa, Uncle Bob & Uncle Scott
All Veteran Fathers
Alo and Luis, two great fathers!
Angelo G. Resciniti
Ann Mallen, Christy Ziegler, Margaret Tatkow

Annabel Bratton Walker
Arthur Bides

Arthur Buser & Jarrett Crawford
Arthur & Lucas
Au & Kia Vuong
Barbara Patten and Ginny Skelton
Barry P. O'Brien
Dr. Barnard Russell
Ben Reynolds
Ben P. Roberts, Jr.
Bernard Lee
Bill Owens

Billy Joe Nunn
Black Lives Matter
Bob Carter, Charles Foreman, Shane Foreman, Tommy Thompson
Bobby Peel, TJ Peel, Lynn Gammon & Ronnie Hallmark
Brian Huber
Brian M. Stout
Bruce Genunzio
Bruce Stauffer
Caiden Hanna & Zadie Blair
Carl and Louis Hillman
Carl Hillman
Charlie Reinhart

Charles G. Tilman, Dean A. Decatur Jr., Jason Brown, Lloyd Blackwood
Charles M. Tilman
Charles B. Smith

Charlie Reinhart
Christy Coleman
Clyde Craven Davis - My Dad
Cole Turner
Cowboy AKA David Lee Caudill Sr. 1955-2019

Dad from the Paps
Dadyo aka Rob Drew
Daine Irving Abbott

Dale Thompson
Dan McGrath
Darryl Baker

David & Patrick Chapman
David Dinsbeer
David Gaboardi
Rev. David Gill
David Lee Keith

David Lewis Rosenbaum
David Lipp
David Man
David Matthew Herold
David, Mike and Shannon Talty
David Spaleta
Dennis Durrer

Donald B. Ten Eyck
Donald R. Neuenschwander
Donald Welch
Donna & Gene Raub

Earl L. Kidder
Ed Gartner
Ed Laake 
Ed Mueller
Ed Vedrin
Edmund L. Ferree
Edward Brown
Edward Mallen
Eduardo Vilchez Jr.; Keith Brescher (RIP); Dave Christiansen Sr.; Eduardo Vilchez Sr.; John Leslie Brescher (RIP)
Edward Loughlin
Ellsworth Schultz
Elmer Groom
Elmer 'Bud' Johnson
Enrico G. Gonzalez
Eric Reinhart

Estelle Lamb
Eugene LaBurt & Archie J. Carroll
Evie Hackett
Familia LondoA+o Arango
Fatima Chagani
For longleaf pines in Torreya State Park
Frank DeBetta
F.H. Scott
G. Fred Brindle
G&K D'Azzo Family
Gary Mahan
Gary Rein, my father!
Gene Hardage
George & Audrey
George Arthur Miller
George Barusso
George P. Hanlon
George K. Nicklin III
George Terwilliger
George Washburn
Gerald Tom Ellis
Gerald Grunz
Giff Crosby
Gilbert J. Leacock
Glenn W. Harris, Sean W. Harris, and Dylan M. Kleissler
Golfview Golf and Racquet Club
Gordon Jones, Christopher Jones & Kyle Totten
Gram Reta
Grandma Gilpin
Grandpa Mike & Grandpa Steve
Gregory Walser Newman
Harry E. Cole and Betty T. Cole
Harry Morley
Henri, Aaro, Urho and all the kids
on the world
Henry "Hank" Engelsman
Henry Lunsford, Sr.
In memory of Herb and Olivia Berger
Herman Conrad Cook
Horacio, Mark & Jim
Howard Lagassa
Howard, Quinton, Jimmy, Jack, Jake, Johnathon, Bob, Troy, Jim, Johnny
Ismael Acevedo
J. Robert Bruya
Jacqueline Spamer
Jacob Zinn
In Memory of James A. Hobbs
James D. Patteson
James F. McCollum and Alejandro Bowers
James Neyenhouse
James P. Swoope
Jana Mastrogianis
John F. Neyenhouse Sr.
James George Wayden
James John Wayden
James Reed
James Robert Clark
Jason Lommel
Jeff Barrett
Jeffery Singletary
Jeremy Resnick
Jerry Rasberry
Jim Ross, Bob Deweerdt
Jim White
Joe Bollhorst
Joe Wood
John Arthur Duffy
John Harris
John A. Lanehart, Sr.
John Mieczkowski
John Joseph Thornton Jr. 
John Riggs Jr.
John Schmitz
John Shaw
John Stiles
Jon Paul Lonesome Rosa
Jose Southo Filho
Joseph A. Asselin
Joseph DeRoller
Joseph M. Glisson Ph.D.
Joshua "Chiko" Garcia
Judd Decker
Juan Bernier, my husband 
and best friend
Julian Recinos Senior

Justino Anell
Kailey Fairchild
Katyln Vasallo
Karl (Rhydie) Owens
Keith A. Kastelic
Keith Poole
Kelly and David
Ken Meyer, Husband and Father
Kenneth Peretz/Doug Blaszczak
Kevin & Sydney
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hempel. Love you Dad.
You are the best
Kevin Shea
Klaus and Doug Wilkinson, Jeff Mager
Lenny Rhine
In honor of Adam Lasker and to the memory of Irving Kore and Joe Amidon
Lionel Diaz
Dr. Lynn Dettenmayer
Mac D. Morrow
Mae and Paul Banta
In honor of: Marcus Hickman, E. Richard Varn, and Zeke Varn
Marc Volland & Larry Volland
Margaret Umberger
Marian Miller Perrin
Marina & Landon
Martin and Gale
Marius Popovici
Marquis G Witt
Matthew Harbison
Melvin Lamar Crews
Micah Alexander Mata
Michael Griffith
Michael and Daniel Hayes
Michael Ingram
Michael Johnson
Michael Geoffrey Kelley
Michael P. Marion
Michael B. Resnick
Michael S. Quinn
Michael Schulman
Mickey H. 1976-2020
Mike Fendle
Mike Mitton
Milan Petrujkic
Mildred and James Matthews, Sandra Brown, Billy Brown
Mother Nature
My amazing Mum and Dad,
Diane & Bob McClymont
My Dad
My Dad, Angel "Rico" Ojeda
My Dearest Father, Louis Bertoni
My Father, Barry Binz
My father, Ozzie Robnett
My Father, Peter Joseph Brennan
My Father, Steve Russell
My husband, David Manselle
My husband Robert, my Dad John, and my brothers Jerry, Ian, Jesse, Jath and Patrick
My kids and grandson
My parents
My parents and their values
Nakoma A. Reynolds
Nigel Kelley
Non-violent protestors for Racial Equality in America
Norman Kolar
Our Rock, Our Mentor and Dad to so many, Peter Vande Walle
P. Bruce Berra
Papa Tom Linley
Patrick J. Casey
Paul Halsema
Paul Kennedy
Paul Ligus
Paul W. McCabe
Paul Woodward
Pedro (Pete) Rolon RIP Love you Dad
Peter A. Donelan
Peter Begalla
Rafiq Alqasem
Ralph West, Scott Pipher
Randy Sellers
Raymond H. Brothers
Reggie Buckles
Dr. Rex Stubbs
Richard Baker
Richard Boucher

Richard F. Johnson
Richard I. Thomas
Richard Mudge
Richard H. Rodgers
Richard Stauffer Sr.
Richard Solis
Richard Viox
Rick Pryce
Robert Lee DuBose

Robert Dunning
Robert M. Hall and Robert C. Hall
Robert R. Martin
Robert Nelson
Robert C. Pembleton
Robert H. Phillips, Sr.
Robert D. Christopher 
Robert J. Rizzo Jr.
Roger Paul Roberts
Roger Soper
Roland (Bud) Schafer
Ron Scoles
Russell M. Burns
Rusty Collins
Ryosuke Sakai
Samuel Augustus and Anne M. Morley
Samuel W. Cobean, USN Ret. LTCDR
Scott Christie
Scott Milligan
Scott, Heit and Martinez Fathers
Sol Reif
Stephen Resotko
Stephen L. Williams
Steve Delwiche
Steve Fisher
Steve Funnell
Steve Mani
Steve McGue
Steve McNeil
Steve Robitaille
Steve Rodgers, our Dad
Steve Tyre
The Best Father, PopPop, and Husband Steven R. Lowe
Steven Misiaszek
Tim Carney Sr.
Terry Sikes
The Forests of Florida
The Greatest Generation who fought for the freedom we have today -
In Memory of David Sablotsky & Donald Dorshimer
The Inspired
The One Piece Plan& Tom
The Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who served at Fort Clinch
Shona, Blythe, Brooke, and Bo 
Theodore Borbidge Jr. 
Theodore Borbidge St. 
Thomas Anthony Schaad, Sr.
Thomas Kane
Tim Carney, Sr. 
Tim Gosney
To my dad: Bill Dentzau
Todd Swords
Tom Troublefield
Tommy Horner
Tony Moten
Travers Robbins MD
Trent Edwin Strate
Treston E. Vause
UF School of Forest Resources & Conservation
Uncle Felly
Vernon H. Bartley
Victor Lagrotta
Vincent & Anna Cina
Waldo Ramon Casanova
Walter and Dixie Gilbert 
Wayne Conn
Wil Ivins
Will Kohn
Willem van Voorthuijsen
William Baylis
William "Dat Guy" Matthewman 
William and Helen Meerphol 
William C. Dove  
William Henry Jones
William R. Pador
William Riddle
William Shaner, GINS volunteer
Wythe Davis Sims II

May 2020

Aaron Marshal Wandelt
Abigail Dowd Greensboro, NC
Aimee Brent and Rosemarie Hagan, My loving niece and my Sister
Albert G. Snow
Aldous Herring
Aleks and Niko
Ali Faylo
Alice & John McHugh
Alice M. Franke
All Moms
All the awesome moms in my life.
All the Covid victims.
All those who perished from COVID-19
All you Mothers
Andrew J. Wren
Ann Mallen, Katy Redwitz, Christy Ziegler, Margaret Tatkow, Annalee Mallen
Anna Tohal
Annabel Bratton Walker
Anne (nee Tague) Vaszily
Anne DeBusk, Franklin L. DeBusk
Antonio Fornes
Ãric Andersen
AtticusAtticus Herndon
Audrey and Merrill Carter
Audrey Kelsey, Sophia Crane, Marjorie Wright
Backus Family
Barbara K Gailmard
Barbara Symes
Bess Fanning, a great Mom!
Betty L Morton
Bianca, Alec, Alexa, Sofia and Natasha
Billy "Hillbilly" Fizz
Birthday honors for 3 May 2020
Blanca R Rodriguez
Bobby Jean Jones
Bonnie McLellan
Brian Archer
Brock MacCallum Cusick
Brock MacCallum Cusick
Bruce Benidt
Byron, Viola and Robert Smith
C. J. Barber
Carita Rothing
Carol Petro
Carol Pitman
Carolyn Lockett
Catherine Joanne Ray
Cathy Beacher
Cecile Vincent and Velma Carden and Marie Laure Bedard
Chanel Lea Brooks
Charlotte Wollermann
Chris Patton
Christine Folwell
Cindy Rountree
Cisco and Gabby
Clara Boyas
Claudia Drinnon
Colleen Thorburn
Connie D. Micklavzina
Cooper Levey-Baker
Cpl. Lee Sharp, FL DOC
Curtis Lafayette Johns
Dan Lukas
Dan Pollets
Dan Vongsa
Danie D. Viers Mannon
Daniel Doebler
Danielle Moule
Dawson Engstrom
Dayna Snell
Deanna Holman
Debbe Jackson
Debra and Jim Fickes
Debra Angell my Wife
Democratic State Rep. Kristin Jacobs
Diane Elizabeth Evitt
Dolores Aldinger (Nana)
Donna Paglialonga
Donna, Morgan, Sophia, Carol, Mary H, Mary M, Pauline
Dr. Anthony Fauci - for keeping us safe
Dr. Joseph P. Bunn
Dr. Reshma Patel

Edie Hicks
Edie Oliver
Edward Laake
Edward Mosblech
Egan Evan Malagon
Ellen Mielock
Elora and Celina
Erik Krieger
Esther Bachman
Evan C. Earle, Jr.
Faith Frankel
Florene Maupin
Florida Moms
Florida State Parks Foundation
Florida's Park Rangers
Florida Trail Association
Florida wildlife
Florida Wildlife
Frances Fisher
Fred and Phyl Coburn Family
Future generations
Geoffrey Yasuo Nishida
George and Tina Creais
Gerald Lanier
Gil Ziffer, State Parks Foundation
Gina M Striby
Gladys T. Senft
Grace Gill, Ann Elise Gill, Mckenzie Gill, Albie Gill
Grammy Gladys
Guenther Pfiester
Hannah Derkatsch Blair gone too soon
Harriet Miller
Harvey Rodgers 111
Heike VandeMark
Henry & Matilda Irvin
Herman Leslie Hingson
Holly Fulford
Honest Earl Findley Nelson
Ian Nicholas Peron, my son 9/16/85-6/7/19
Ian Peron
Ilma Farris
In loving memory of Gordon Piper
In loving memory of Nellie and Fred Schermerhorn  and Ronald and Sandra Shadick
In memory of Audrey Radford Herrin, love from her 7 daughters
In memory of George Wilkins Harper Jr.
In memory of Olivia Berger
In memory of our mothers Grace Lee Hem and Ella Sue Tripp
In Memory of Vern Blamer
Isaac Gourley
Isabel C Mederos-Rodriguez
Iva Petkova-Cutler
Jacoba Neitzel
James A. Hobbs
James Alan Taylor III
Jami D. Spindler (my mom)
Jana Mastrogianis
Jane Allen
Janine David Hannan
Jasmine Lee
Jean T. Hoyt
Jennifer Hoffman Jones
Jennifer Santora
Jennifer Strate
Jennifer Suzanne Walter
Jessica Modriskey
Jill W Smith
Jim and Marjorie Crawford
Jim DeGrandi
Jim Edwards
JJ Kernan Family, Lance Davis Family, Tony Laron Stalling
Joan Ames
Joanie Botts - Grandmother, Mother and Wife
Joanne Pischiera and Cristina Meyer
John Harvey (Ian)
John Woodward, Elliot Gill, Josie Gill, Mark Woodward
Joseph H Smith
Jubilee, Clementine, and Amelia
Judd Patterson
Jude and JP Swanson
Judy Glass Teaster

Julie Hamilton, Robbi Bain, Jenn Reddin, Carmen Hamilton
June Marhefka
Karen Webb
Karen Woodington
Kathleen Ashman Boccumini
Kathrine Conboy
Kathy and Don Nowacki
Kathy Caulk
Kathy Lott, Teresa Lott, Kara Butler, Judy Butler, Mary Scala, Olga Lott
Kathy Loud
Katy Dunn
Kelley Smith Organek
Kelly Beacher
Kelsey Gayhartt
Ken Blaisse
Kevin Simmler
Kris Meyer
Kristin Jacobs
Lan Esposito
Laraine and Harold McGahee
Larry and Charlotte Kowitch
Larry Hampton
Lee Anne Duval
Leonor Trujillo
Leslie H Elder
Linda Simmons
Lupe's Mother
Lynne Rosenthal
Lytle family
Mac Benford
Madeleine Wilson, Valentina Molini, Betty Wilson
Mae H. Rooy
Mama Joanne Davis
Marcy Q Ryan - Loving Mother and Wife
Margret Irwin
Maria Roloff
Marie Brooks
Marilyn Capozziello
Marilynne Allen
Marjorie Wonderly
Martin C Foster
Mary Ann Seberry Osborne
Mary Kay Morrissey
Mary McCarren
Mary Mercadante
Mary Ogburn Riley
Mary Ranney Hagenbuch
Maryann Novak
Matthys, for his love of trees!
Max Goodhart
Melinda Lewis
Melissa Marszal
Mimi, GG Schafer, Grandma Burr
Mother Earth
Mother Nature
Mr. David Riemer
Mum Durbin the best Mum-in-law Our anniversary May 22
My beautiful daughter, Christy
My departed wife Nancy and my daughter Lily
My grandmother, FL Native, Mary Virginia Handley
My husband in Heaven Larry R. Sullivan
My Little Angel in Heaven
My Mom Irina Long
My Mom, Dad & sister George, who all loved camping
My Wife Ursula
Nancy Deemer
Nancy Fowler
Nancy Rose Denslow
Nancy Tye
Nancy W. Spofford, Robert N Spofford
Nelida Celano
Niki Fiedler
Nilo Picazo and Great-grand-kids Ellyana and Landyn Pineiro
Nilza Kallos
Nita Mercier
Julia Heuler

NJ ASM & Susan Kearney
Our Mom, Emma Howe
Our Mom, Laura Smith
Our Mother, Mary Carruthers
Ours Moms, Marie and Mary
Pamela Jennette
Patricia Jean Altzner
Patsy Jane Mendola
Patti Teate
Pauletta Calhoun
Pauline Gasso
Peg and Don Butler
Peg Sauber, Patricia Ryan
Peggy D. Metzger
Pete Egan
Peter and Joy Rogalle
Philip F Deaver
Phyllis Dair and family mothers
President Barack Obama
Rose Marie and Richard
Rebekah and Khloe Logan, Max Oquendo and Lou Masters
Ricky Touchet
Robert Karr
Roberta Ferree
Ron and Ruth Berline
Rose and Harris
Rosmarie Cannell
Ruth, Colene, Niki, Janie and Granny
Ryan Preston
Sally Palmi - Madre Gramma
Sandi Sylver
Sandra L Fobb
Sara Stout
Sheila Aref
Shirley Wright
Sigred Chasey
SJ Swartz
Skipper Fossett
Spud Web
St. Joseph Academy Graduating Seniors in 2020
State parks near Venice
Stephanie Beacher
Stephen Eric Cochran
Susan Bickings
Susan Blake Gonzalez
Susan Farnsworth Ehlers
Susan Gelb
Susan Morris
Susan Tremper
Suzanne Marszal
Suzi Rothstein
Sylvia Kleinman
The Children of Florida
The Flora & Fauna of Florida
The forests of Florida
The future of the beautiful state of Florida
The Gander Family
The Glory of God and His Son Who made all things, Jesus Christ.
The Marshall and Prior Families
The memory of Shirley Myrant
The Russo Family
The State of Florida
The Universe
The universe, may it breathe well and keep us all safe.
The Ward Family
The Water
Thelma Bray
Thomas W Watson, Jr. RIP
To Grandma Fran and Great Grandma Spain
Tomorrow's Stewards
Tony Azevedo
Trisha Goforth
Valerie Leitner
Victims of Covid 19
Virginia M Reagan
Wendolin Barahona-Petro
Wilbur (WD) Griffin, deceased, pine tree farmer
Willard Christal
Yuliia Kriuchkova

April 2020

50th Anniversary of Earth Day
Albert E Lacy
All my family and friends
All those that love nature
Ara Antony Kamciyan
Arthur W. Klein
Barbara Bartz
Belle Arbor
Betty Taylor
Beverly G. Ward
Billie Burdine Jr, Taylor Burdine, Emily Evans, Riley Evans and Ashlynn Stainback
Cathy Harrelson
Clay D Griffin
Damion Bryce Clasby
David Gulyas
David Olney
David P Linger and Joyce Rector
Debby Dwyer-Keller
Earth Day

Earth Week
Ebru and Ada
Edward Michael Flannery
Elsa Rebello
Faye Kahn
Frank Silhan
Friends of Talbot Islands State Parks
Georgia Ackerman and Rick Zelznak
Girl Scout Troop 82136
Gladys Anderson
Gloria Ann Rigling
Graham Sasser, Michele Reeves, and Shaun King
Grand Kids- Sam, Caitlyn and Emma
Grandmom and Mam-ma
Jane E. Bennington
Jeff Weber
Jerald E. Strnad
Jim Askew
Jim McCannell
John and Kathleen Fyfe
Karen Rose Thomas
Kathy Sarafino

Katie Warren

Kyle Christensen
Lesa Miller
Lois Milne
Lora Phillips
Louise Shallbetter
Lucas Moule
Lucy Williams
Margaret Aitken
Maria Hale
Marie Navin
Mark Andrew Jackson
Mary A. Marshall
Mary Peace
Maya and Brandon Jacobson
Michael John Signs
Mick and Annie
Minnie Morgan
Mother Earth
My Family
My Grandpa, Thomas Davis
My Mom Ruth who sneezed every time she came into contact with a pine tree
Neomi Castro (Mimi)
Nicolas, Oliver and August
Noah Meyer-Patt  

Norman Palmer Swales
Our Florida Heroes
Pellegrino Tancredi
Penny L. Bruce
Phil and Didi Dolk
Phyllis Lehenbauer
Picky, Haley, Hadley, Miles, Autumn
President Donald Trump
President Trump
Raili Robinson
Randy Dunlap
Rebirth of natural forest
Representative Kristin Jacobs 
Riley, Jordan, Dakota, Julia
Robert (Bob) Van Sickle
Roger Swanger
Saundra Cornelius
Susan Russo
The Crisp Family
Vance Griffith Layton
Washington Oaks State Park
Zack, Chase and Max Caron

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