Paula Dockery - Board Member

After a successful 16 years in the Florida legislature, Paula Dockery is now a popular syndicated columnist. Her weekly political insights appear in a growing number of Florida newspapers. Her blunt, honest and informed columns stand out in the crowded field of political commentary. She’s earned a reputation as one of Florida’s leading public truth-tellers, unafraid to challenge powerful people or lazy conventional wisdom. 

Dockery’s first foray into political commentary was writing a weekly column for Florida Voices, an online editorial page, chronicling her final year in the Florida Senate. When her term ended in November 2012, she continued writing at the request of many of the papers that were publishing her “inside the legislature” look at politics and political players. Dockery’s approach to writing echoes her distinguished legislative career. Elected to the Florida Senate in 2002, Dockery served 10 years and held numerous leadership positions including two stints as Senate Majority Whip, Chair of the Law Enforcement Council; the Environmental Protection Committee; the Criminal Justice Committee and the Home Defense and Seaport Security Committee.

Dockery was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1996 as the first Republican to serve that district. In her six years in the House she served as House Majority Whip, Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee, and Chair of the General Government Appropriations.

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