LIFE Program 

What is the LIFE Program?

Learning in Florida’s Environment (LIFE) is a model for science-based environmental education on public conservation lands.

Each program represents a partnership between the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and a school district to bring students outdoors to learn science.

The goal of each LIFE Program site is increased student achievement and teacher professional development in science education.

The LIFE Program is not a curriculum, but a process for reinforcing and enriching the existing curriculum through hands-on, field labs facilitated by educators, scientists, and land/resource managers.

Travel along with Dr. Katherine Clements of UF-IFAS Extension Sarasota County, as she takes us on a virtual tour of their LIFE (Living in Florida Environments) Exploration to Myakka State Park with students from Fruitville Elementary School.

What are the characteristics of the LIFE Programs?

While each LIFE site is tailored to address local priorities and unique environmental issues, all of the sites share a core set of guiding principles:

1.       Audience selection is based on need.

2.       Program content is co-developed by teachers and informal science education partners.

3.       Students participate in multiple field experiences each year.

4.       Program delivery follows best practices in environmental and science education.

5.       Integrated and sustained teacher professional development.

6.       Long-term partnerships increase project sustainability.

7.       Service learning projects connect students to society and their local environment.

8.       The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards guide program content.

9.       Exposure to real-world technology careers.

10.   Connecting with students through cultural competency practices.

What others have to say about LIFE

More than 3,300 future scientists and environmental stewards have participated in the LIFE program since 2004, and we look forward to inspiring even more in the future.”

-Michael W. Sole, Former Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection

“We are excited about the environmental science opportunities for our students . . . . Conducting hands-on experiments and real life research right in the environment is a terrific benefit for our students.”

-Dr. Joseph JoynerSuperintendent, St. Johns County Schools

Thanks for everything you all have done to support this awesome program.

-Keith Hatcher Principal, Fort White High School

This experience fosters students’ environmental stewardship of our natural resources while supplementing their current school curriculum.”

-Jo Ann Gander, Superintendent, Franklin County Schools

I have learned that through engaging and exploring, students can grasp scientific information and internalize these concepts because of the real world experiences they are involved in because of our program.”

-Irene “Trini” Johannesen, Middle School Science Teacher, Fort White Middle School

How to support the LIFE Program:

    • Become a partner educator at an existing LIFE Program site.

    • Host a field experience at your park or research station.

    • Support travel costs to bring students to the field.

    • Support professional development activities for teachers.

    • Sponsor a field lab activity.

For more information on how you can support the LIFE program contact

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