A History of the Florida State Parks Foundation

In 1993 a group of passionate volunteers met at Wekiwa Springs State Park to launch the Friends of Florida State Parks, a statewide, nonprofit group. Its mission was to support the work of the Florida Park Service and to preserve and protect its award-winning state parks.

Since then the Friends of Florida State Parks has grown exponentially, expanding its mission, its membership and its support for Florida’s state parks, the local Friends group and the army of 20,000 dedicated people who volunteer in them.

Thanks to a major bequest in 2015, the Friends of Florida State Parks has been able to expand its operations even more. It changed its name to the Florida State Parks Foundation, it has an office in Tallahassee and full-time staff and, it was able to do so much more.

This book is an attempt to chronicle the history of the Foundation and what it has achieved over the last 25 years. It documents how and why various decisions were made and documents the many people who have played a prominent role in the Foundation’s development and growth.

The book is also aimed at creating a permanent electronic archive of the Foundation as most of the early paper records were fading and in danger of being lost forever. This archive will become a living part of the Foundation’s history and as such, will be updated and reissued on a regular basis. This book is free and available to download below.

A History of the Florida State Parks Foundation - PDF file - 10.9 MB
A History of the Florida State Parks Foundation  - EPUB file - 4.5 MB

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