Citizen Support Organizations (CSO)

Citizen Support Organizations (CSO) or Friends Groups of individual or several Florida State Parks are encouraged to become members of the Florida State Parks Foundation. 

Citizen Support Organization membership includes insurance coverage with a value that well exceeds the CSO membership of $100.00.  Click here to learn more about the insurance benefit.

A CSO membership includes all the CSO Board members.  This is called a “Bundle” which is a group of members who are linked together and managed by one of their members – the bundle administrator. Bundle members share the same renewal date, status, and membership level. The entire bundle is charged a single membership fee, which is paid by the bundle administrator. Bundled membership is only available to CSO members. This member benefit allows each CSO Board Member access “Member Only” web pages and seamlessly receive the Foundation’s newsletters and other communications.

Join as a CSO member by clicking here

Checks may be mailed to:

Florida State Parks Foundation
1700 North Monroe Street
Suite 11 #200
Tallahassee Florida 33203-5535

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