Silver Springs State Park

Explore one of America’s largest and best loved springs from the park’s famous glass bottom boats and see an underwater world. Learn more…

What Does Supporting Florida's State Parks Look Like?

Educating Our Children

One of the Florida State Parks Foundation (FSPF) primary areas of interest is supporting children's education programs in our state parks.  We believe taking children off campus on field trips allows them to get a broader view of their community. It helps give them a sense of place and place attachment but must, at the same time, help with their educational goals.

Florida State Parks are tremendous adjunct classrooms and have a cadre of staff and volunteers who have developed excellent educational programs on Florida's environment, history, and culture.  These programs enhance required studies in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as well as Social Studies. Teachers are eager to take advantage of these resources, but school budgets often fall short of the funds needed to pay the bus transportation costs - that's where Yellow Buses in the Parks can help.

Yellow Buses in the Parks is a grant program that helps fund bus transportation costs for student field trips to Florida State Parks.  Another Foundation program, LIFE.. Read more here 

Donate today!

Many Florida State Parks have been impacted by Hurricane Michael.  Recovery will take weeks, months, and in some cases years.  Help us help Florida’s award-winning State Parks. Donate to help us support rebuilding and recovery. 100% of the funds donated will be distributed to Friends organizations at impacted State Parks. These Friends organizations are integral partners and volunteers who serve thousands of hours supporting their park. 

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Great Pickup Lines

Florida’s award-winning parks attract about 32 million visitors a year. The vast majority of these guests are responsible and do respect the environment. They follow the ‘leave no trace’ rule of ‘pack it in and pack it out’, or at least they find a trash can ... Read more here

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