The 2019 Florida legislative session is now officially over and so it is a good time to reflect on what happened and what happens next. The big takeaway is that the Legislature awarded the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) record funding and supported all of Governor DeSantis’s initiatives to do more for Florida’s environment.... READ MORE

Wildlife in State Parks

This is the Florida State Parks Foundation’s effort to assist wildlife habitat restoration and protection, wildlife care and education in Florida’s state parks. Florida State Parks are home to  many species of wildlife considered endangered, threatened or imperiled. Sometimes these species need extra help to ensure their survival. Park staff protect sea turtle nests, reintroduce wildlife species and conduct... READ MORE

Anastasia State Park

Nestled within the historic town of Saint Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, lies Anastasia State Park, a 1600-acre natural paradise. The park boasts four miles of unspoiled shoreline bustling with protected wildlife, natural landscapes, and beautiful scenery to make everlasting memories with your family and friends. Untouched dunes provide a natural oasis, as well as an amazing back... READ MORE

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